Excuses not to Attend Games

Another complaint about the Thursday night games this time a letter to the editor in todays paper. I just don't get it, why are people looking for reasons not to attend football games. In this case its the usual moans "I will not be renewing my tickets the team doesn't listen....the league doesn't get it.... etc,etc"

Yet when I look at the schedule there are only TWO THURSDAY night games this season!!! Yes only TWO Thursday games!!, there are THREE Saturday games, THREE Friday night games and ONE Monday game.
If you don't like it then buy tickets to the other SEVEN games that are not played on a Thursday night.

Why are Ticat fans (are they really fans) always looking for excuses not to attend games.
"7PM is too early.....8PM is too late, Saturday afternoon are too hot.....evening games in Ocober/November are too cold....Thursdays are no good in the summer.....weekends are no good in the summer we are at the cottage....Labour Day Game starts too early we are still driving back........ Labour Day Game starts too late this year my kids have to be up for school........"

I never said I wouldn't attend any home games for any of those reasons. I only said that the Thursday games are a little inconvenient for me and that the away games that are on Thursday (Montreal and Toronto) would probably mean I won't make it to those this year.

I think the reality of "there is more to do in life than attend football games" hits people at different times in their lives.

The young single fan will go anytime.

The starting a family fan can go when convenient.

The kids are growing up and like to go to the game fans....when the kids don't have a soccer game/tournament, football game/tournament, baseball game/tournament.

Fans like to go away for weekends and holidays as well.

Life and priority's change.
If going to a game is a priority, than you will make the game no matter what else is going on.

it sure seems that on this site the majority of people think that if your not a season ticket holder or dont attend games for what ever reason you are not a true fan.its really nobodys business why someone chooses to go or not to go.people have there reasons.we cant all dress in the teams colours,paint our faces,tailgate and enjoy the games.but cause we arent in attendace are we less a fan? if you go to every game,awsome. but stop putting down people who dont.

It’s simply the ‘nature of the beast’ that people will complain no matter what schedule is tried. Would you like to go back to the ‘old days’? (here I go again)
The season used to start on Labour Day weekend, and ALL games were played on Saturday afternoon, with the exception of Labour Day and Thanksgiving. You would go to your home game, and have no idea what was happening in the other three games being played that day. Today, everybody in the country, ticket holders or not, can see every game played, either live or on TV.

So, it’s inconvenient to go Thursday night? Live with it, and appreciate that you and everybody else can still be on top of everything that’s happening league-wide.

That sounds like the NFL/No Fun League to me

excellent post, thats exactly how it is on here, if your not a die hard fan your nothing

ticats aren't life for most people....believe it or not

and has anyone considered that maybe all the little excuses for not renewing are just that... excuses, this team has been terrible the past few years, so most are probably gonna ride this out watching it on tv, yes that means attendance will be down, but you can't expect people to buy into a team with a record like ours

--just a thought

Not only do you need to buy seasons tickets to be a real fan you also have to have a thousand posts on here to be able to form a valid opinion.

I'm not a big fan of the Thursday night games, and I believe there are 3 of them if you include the pre-season game.

A simple observation of the schedule shows a real mix of days and times for games. IMO this makes it good for people to go to some games because there are lots of options, but makes it more difficult to attend all the games. I don't think it is difficult to see why some seasons ticket holders would find this upsetting enough to not by seasons tickets. I also don't think they should be berated for having this opinion. They are not making excuses, just angry about the situation, because something out of their control is affecting their ability to do something they obviously like to do.

Good fans are passionate about their sport. Sometimes this can create positive emotions, sometimes it will create negative emotions. If anything the strength of those emotions are good indicator of just how good a fan you are. If someone takes the time to write a letter to the editor regarding the schedule, I would think they feel pretty strong about the situation, and are probably a pretty big fan of the Ti-Cats. If they weren't much of a fan, they would probably care less.


Some of the best Ticat fans I know do not buy season tickets for a variety of reasons. They also don't post on here, so I don't think that either of those things dictates what kind of fan you are.

I will go to as many games as I can, just as I always have. I don't think it's a bad thing for me to express my opinion about whether or not I like the schedule. I pay my money and I'm entitled to my opinion.

I pay my money and I'm entitled to my opinion.
Gotta love Monday's. It brings out the Tiger in everyone. :)

And then there's the poor fan who lives 1000 miles away and just wishes for a game within 2 hours, anytime, any day of the week. (assuming you can be a real fan and rarely attend games) I figure if people laugh at you when the Cats lose, your a fan.

(Beetlejuice) Not only do you need to buy seasons tickets to be a real fan you also have to have a thousand posts on here to be able to form a valid opinion. Beet
I have well over a thousand posts on this site and I religiously attended every game up until last year. I won't be attending this year, not because I'm giving up on the team, but for medical reasons. I disagree with your post, Beet, because I'm as strong a fan as ever. I would also point out that my opinion is as valid as yours.

Mr. Jones I think you misunderstood the Beetle.
His comment was a sarcastic outlook on some persons opinions , attitudes and behaviour on this site.

The Beetle was not out to harm or offend.

We complain too much!

We moan and complain now but when season starts it's all forgotten.

The only legitimate beef we have had in the past was the Friday nite game this past November that started at 6! I had to go straight to the game from work. I don't like this.

My personal preference is a 7:30 start time but I can't control TV!

[url=http://thespec.com/Opinions/LettertotheEditor/article/337483]http://thespec.com/Opinions/Lettertothe ... cle/337483[/url]

I cannot believe that this guy is complaining about Thursday games! The league has had Thursday games the last few years but the Cats have never had a home date.

Look, if the games are on Saturdays, he complains that he can't go away for the weekend.

There is no winning with people.

I like the schedule! It's a change! We live in a soceity where we like things structured, like the NFL and Tuesday and Saturday Leaf games.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! The schedule is awesome! Beside, a couple Thursdays in the summer is not going to kill you cuz the next day is Friday and NO ONE wants to do work on a Friday!!!!

People need to deal with it.

The Cats are the only team in the league where you could get discount tickets even after they released the schedule. There are no excuses. Oh I didn't see the schedule! Well, wait then! If you are that concerned wait!

I don't have any time to read this nonsense! None!

If there were a game on a Friday at 6, like last year, then yeah, complain!

Change = Good!

This is called "LIFE", deal with it.

Maybe I am wrong here! Let me know!

the schedule isnt the greatest..id prefer all sat and sun games. so im not buyin seasons, but i do plan to attend as many ticat ( and argo ) games as possible

Does it really matter what days the games are? I can't attend games simply because I can't afford the roughly $1800/game it would cost me to fly home for them from South East Asia where I now live. I've been to Labour Day for the last 2 years and would come to more, if not for money and a long flight.
I know Thursday's are tough, so what, if I come into lots of money, say a few million, I will most definitely be home for all of the games, no matter where in the world I live.

You should Write a Rebuttal to his Letter.

I know someone who has seasons tickets to the Bombers and she prefers the Thursday night games…less drunks to contend with.

yes...i cant get off work on a thursday or friday nite, get home to brantford, shower, eat and change clothes and drive back to hamilton in time to watch a game....

and i aint gonna drive from work directly to IWS to watch a game in my work clothes ( no chance of pickin up a cheerleader lookin like a bum ).

saturday and sunday woulda been no problem.