Excuses for McCallum

Whazzup with McCallum?

Bloke brought in to be answer to BC kicking problems

First match results

Field Goals - 1 for 1

Kickoffs - One short kickoff (BC pass receiver Anderson kicked off most of game) - McCallum near bottom of CFL in this every year anyway

Punting - average 39 yards per punt (only 2 yards higher than rookie) - average 29 net yards per punt (5 yards LESS than rookie)
McCallum near bottom of CFL in these every year anyway

List of Excuses for McCallum (pick one each week)

I - the bloke has to play outside (oooops - cant use this one anymore, hes indoors)

II - the bloke has to do all three kicking jobs
(ooooops - cant use this one anymore with receiver kicking off - besides, Lions need to do like other teams and get import punter)

III - Riders knew that the bloke was washed up when they let him go

IV - It only matters about putting points on scoreboard and kickoffs and punts dont matter
(try this approach in CFL West 06 and see where it gets you)

V - in wally world, these kind of problems can be ignored and they will just go away

sadly for lion faithful this week vote is III
but next week, vote is V

At least he made the field goal....O'Missy would have hit the post! :wink:

Maccallum did alright. He may not be the greatest kicker around (we've been spoiled by Lui!), but he is sooooo much better than O'Mahony.

You blokes seem happy just to have anybody who can kick a field goal - McCallum can still do that - but what about other two parts of kicking - kickoffs and punting -
his numbers were not good last year - were not good in preseason - and certainly were not good in opener - and wont get much better in most games

BC has worst overall kicking game in CFL (other than Riders)

Your vote is IV (only field goals matter)

This approach gets by if you play Riders 17 more times (but when it is someone else, weak kickoff and punts can make difference in game) - and whenever this happens as season goes on (and it will), remember that BC front office also voted IV

McCallum is a huge upgrade from inconsistent O'Mahony.

Sorry Leos for Cup

Better field goal kicker - yes

But in other two phases of kick game
numbers do not support your argument

Punting Average - 2005
O'Mahoney - 42.5
McCallum - 40.4

Kickoff Average - 2005
O'Mahoney - 55.7
McCallum - 53.9

Common excuse for McC was "play outside" (I)
Pick another excuse for him (II through V)(McC now indoors and still at bottom in punting and kicking off)- Your vote looks like a IV - ignore kicking off and punting :cry:

Hint - Dont order playoff tix early :cry:

McCallum is injured....Newspaper said he had a leg injury. (Kicking leg? Non- Kicking leg??)

I'm sure Bret Anderson can fill in - I mean, is there any position he can't play?

Kicking leg from what I heard.

this excuse was left off list - call it VI

what's his excuse for previous two years where he finished near bottom in punting and kicking off?

You mean...under O'Missy?

I'd take McCallum before O'Missy!

Try not to listen to Whazzup. I am not sure if he is a lions fan trolling on the Rider forum or vice cersa or just some jackass trolling on both, but he is just trying to stir shit up. We are stupid for letting McCallum get away and you are stupid for signing him. He makes no sense.

Go Riders!!

Ya I figured he was an idiot just by reading his post above . Not worth reading a guy like that.

It is my belief that McCallum is a placekicker only. If he concentrated on Field goals he would do well-- and let Pikula or someone else handle the punting chores. The Riders should have realized this a long time ago. McCallum also sacrificed distance for accuracy--pinning a team deep in its own territory-- and he would be kicking from the Rider 45 or in between the 50 yd lines to pin a team between its own 15 and the goal line. They measure distance from the line of scrimmage as well-not from where the punter kicks the ball.


difference of opinion duly noted and respected

advance at your own risk

have a nice day!!!

Mcallum is a pretty good punter from what i've seen this season.

Who cares? Pikula is doing a better job overall, IMO.

If the article in the province this morning is correct then Wally plans to keep the new kid so he can learn from McCallum and be his eventual replacement. From the few kicks this kid has done this year he has looked good.