Excuse me...

I don't want to pick at little things...but!!! I'm a little confused here. Nothing against Maas but we win 20 to 18....Offense scores 8 points....special teams scores 12....give credit where credit is due.

Hmmmmmm.... let's see....

So you're giving the offence credit for the single on Boreham's missed field goal.... and the convert after the TD..... but the special teams gets credit for the 4 made field goals.

Wow! That's brilliant!

its obvious you have minimal knowledge of football!

we would not have gotten all the field goals if the offense had not moved us all the way down.

the offense performed well.. the end.

Jason Maas picked apart the edmonton defence extremely well and allowed boreham to come in to make the field goals. Line8r you gotta know that an offence moving a ball this well should get alot of respect.