Excluding issues where should a 10th team be?

Wonder people's opinions on where the best place for the 10th team.

I think a 10th team would really help fixturing and TV deals. Appreciate that barriers existing now are huge showstoppers.

This is on the basis that any issues, with stadium, local governments not existing which is a massive If.

Quebec or a team representing the Atlantic coast.
Maybe a London Windsor area?

I just hope we have 9 teams in a few years. This league is bleeding money.

Plus, without an XFL merger, the CFL is looking at a serious talent drain when the XFL (and/or USFL) get up and running.


I believe everyone associated with the CFL would love to see a 10th team in the league. I know I would, but there are many hurdles to negotiate before this becomes a reality.

In terms of "TV deals" and those sorts of media related revenue stream issues, I have no idea what sort of ratings the CFL on TSN generates in the Maritimes. It totally makes sense that the ratings would improve dramatically across the Maritimes if the Dartmouth/Halifax metropolitan area became the home of the 10th team.

Others with a vested interest have studied the feasibility of such a franchise in the Maritimes. I suspect such a team would need to depend upon regional Season Ticket Holder (STH) support outside the metropolitan boundaries of D/H in order to be financially viable. Being a Hamilton Tiger-Cat STH'er who travels more than 60min each way to attend games, I can vouch for the fact that Thursday night & Friday night games can be a challenge to attend. I wonder if that would impede Season Ticket sales in Halifax.

In contrast, the Buffalo Bills of the NFL have STH'ers from Southern Ontario who travel >2 hours each way to attend each game, but the situation is very different because they know that all Home games (with the possible exception of 1 game/year) will be scheduled to kickoff at 1pm on a Sunday. So they plan to make a full day of it . . . not the case with CFL games.

Beyond the positive broadcast-related consequences & the STH challenges which don't really impact me personally, I really want to see another team in the CFL to produce a balanced league (5 teams in each division) where 3 of the 5 make the playoffs each year. When 6 of the 9 teams make the playoffs (the status quo, or even worse, 6 of 8 in previous years) it really detracts from the importance of the regular season games.

Finally, while I think it is interesting to consider the possibility of adding another team to the CFL, the unfortunate reality is that Randy Ambrosie & the rest of the CFL braintrust, have to secure the long term health of all of the existing franchises before such an expansion is viable. We all know that there are several teams that are not really financially viable right now. That needs to be Priority #1 . . . sad but true.


Somewhere in the east division, so the divisions can be balanced without bouncing Winnipeg back east. I say that not because I don't want my Als to be pummeled 3 times a year by the Bombers (although I really don't want that!), but because it's not fair to Winnipeg, always being the cusp team switching from one division to another. That interferes with how the GM builds the team over a multi-year period.


If we’re excluding issues then ideally, I would want one in Seattle. Close to the Lions, newer stadium and hopefully more money from ESPN. However, I would want neutral site games played in 10 different cities first to see who had the best attendance.

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Has to be in the Maritimes. Without question, absolutely has to be.

Forget about a new white elephant stadium - - just put them in the biggest CIS stadium.

And for the love of God, DO NOT try to squeeze out a multi million dollar expansion fee.


Winnipeg is always kinda screwed travel wise...
It really makes no diff what division they go in
BC and Montreal are basically the same distance
Calgary/Edmonton are only slightly shorter than Hamilton/Toronto

Sask (Reg) is really the only easy road game for your team

Anyhow I still maintain a 2nd team in Quebec has far more value to the league than all the Atlantic provinces combines (natural rivalry with Als, hopefully increase value to francophones, less travel for the other 9 teams, larger CMA, etc)
Even if Halifax or whoever had a stadium spring up overnight you start getting into demographics and household income etc it's just not a real priority beyond the league itself trying to plant the flag on the far east coast


No fear that teams on border could cannibalize the Canadian market? Lots of people hop across that border already to watch other leagues...

I see cross border hopping as a positive. Having Canuck fans drive to Seattle is great and eventually having Kraken fans drive to Vancouver is awesome.

That’d be like putting a second team in Toronto and expecting it to boost the Argos attendance.

Quebec can barely support one team - - why would you think they’d suddenly support TWO (2) teams?

Especially when Laval and Quebec City have shown ZERO interest in the possibility of getting a CFL team.

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That’s a brilliant idea!

Larry Smith


Larry Smith didn’t go that route. Sacramento is around 2000 km from Vancouver. The stadium was a joke. Seattle is around 200 km from Vancouver and state of the art. It’s literally apples to oranges.

Having said all that the title said excluding issues. With the XFL possibly going to Seattle, I would most likely pick another American city.

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exactly what issues are being excluded?

it is ok with few fans?

it is ok if the teams and the league dont make money?

not very good stadiums?

if so, then I nominate yellowknife, prince rupert, kamloops, cambell river, churchill, thunder bay, sudbury, saskatoon, St Johns, moncton.

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I think trying to keep it at 9 rather than looking for 10 is the current priority.
Im guessing it's Toronto, Montreal and BC but not totally up to speed on it.

I've never understood why Saturday and Sunday afternoons are never used more to help attendance so kids, people further away to get there easily, for the next generation of fans. Especially as gate receipts are important and attendances seem to be dipping across the board over a number of years. Unless TV is dictating the time?


I was thinking of the initial upfront costs of setup a stadium etc
The longer term viability of fan size and best placed to be sustainable or as close would be a factor in picking a team.
I appreciate the 10th team is unlikely in reality.

yeah, but it is so nice to pretend :slight_smile:

NFL in the USA has more than 10 millions fans per team. So if the league as is can hang on until Canada has 100 million pop, then for sure we can have a tenth team, maybe

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The other issue seems to be an unwillingness to have government money go towards building a stadium. We could have 300 million people in Canada and people would still complain. God bless the cities that understand why a stadium is necessary.

Why should the CFL give the Seattle market to the Rock and the XFL? Vancouver needs a geographic rival. A Seattle XFL team would be isolated from the other XFL teams for travel, rivalry. It's closest team would be Los Angles for the Rock's league 3.0. This latest XFL reboot is going to cost them immensely.

The CFL should parachute a team in Seattle. The nine teams contribute for the cost of a tenth team operating like what it had done in Montreal a few years ago. maybe ask TSN if it wants in on the action

Hire management, coaches and staff, have an expansion draft, lease Lumen Stadium. Beat the XFL to the punch for that market. Operate the team for a few years and sell the franchise to local ownership someone like Russel Wilson, Bill Gates, etc.

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The league has to concentrate on saving the nine teams it has first. The prairie teams and Hamilton will be OK. Ottawa, I hope they rebuild to bring fans back -- lost teams twice before. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, I hope things improve. League needs to do whatever to increase attendance, not worry about foreign players. Once the league is stronger, then go for team 10, whether it be in the Maritimes, Quebec City, Windsor, or perhaps even one U.S. border town like Rochester or Syracuse, Anchorage or Fargo. But no more than one U.S. team!

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Ideally all the XFL teams should be in one area like the Deep South, the east coast or the Ohio, Pennsylvania Kentucky etc areas to save on travel. At this time I don’t know when the CFL plans to start their season. If it ends in November, I’m holding off on American expansion. If it ends in October, I’d go for it. You bring up a valid point though.