exciting year ahead!

Wow 2 weeks to go till training camp.Seemed like a lifetime since the last season.So much has gone on in the off season with all teams.Should be a great year for most teams ,can't wait. :lol:

Ya, the east finnaly has 3 competitive teams and the west, as always, should be a dog fight

I hope Ottawa surprises and comes out with an early season winning streak. That would help their woes. Hey, I've been counting the sleeps until kickoff.

yup, cat wait for the new season.


The start of any season in any league is greatness…

All teams are at 0-0… every team looks like they may have a shot… Even if the team looks weak on paper, it’s still easy to at least hope for the best with an even record.

One of the best things about last season (for me) was that for the first time in a long time, both Hamilton and Toronto had winning teams, and good attendance. :smiley:

For the longest time, Labour Day has been a mismatch, with one of Southern Ontario's teams doing well and one doing badly. The games still managed to be exciting, but last year's was so good it ended in a tie!

Hoping the Cats improve some more this year (and the Argos...not so much).

Can't wait for June 11, when I can watch my Ticats beat up on the Argos down east. I've never seen a televised pre-season game before.

All in all, a lot to look forward to.