Exciting NFL

This is a topic for all of those who don't like the NFL because they say its boring.

I just wanted to share that I watched the Giants vs. Chargers game last night. And it was an awesome game. San Diego won 45 to 23, so there was a lot of scoring.

And LaDainian Tomlinson... my ! That guy is impossible. He owns the field. There is his name written all over it. When it was predictable that it would be a rushing play, and no hole appeared... he just improvized, zigzaged here and there, punched through guys, kept running, straffing, juking...

The Giants ran after him like some run after greasy hogs in farm contests. He got 221 yards, scored three rushing TDs, and, as if it wasn't enough, trew one TD pass as well.

And defensive plays were awesome too. An unfortunate Charger, Drayton Florence, had two interceptions and a touchdown recalled, but the plays were great nonetheless.

Anyways. I know all NFL games are not like that one, but I just wanted to tell the NFL detractors that it's sometimes worth watching.

LT has proven himself to be one of the most dominating football players ever. He Has not been stopped since he walked into the league. There is a reason why he is the first one picked in every fantasy draft.


When you see LT you are watching a sheer talent who can change a game with one easy move. He is invaluable to that franchise. I still can't believe that Coach Shottenheimer benched his TE Antonio Gates in game one against Dallas? No having him on the field cost SD that game!

As an American who loves CFL football I am very dissapointed that they stopped carrying the games on TV here in Miami once College and the NFL got underway.

Allez les Alouettes![/b]

I was watching a bit of the New England Pittsburg game.
What with the double rows of hash marks??
Saw a few highlights of othergames and they had them as well.

what website are we on? :x

Stampfan, it must be so boring to live at your place. When you have dinner with your family, I guess everyone is only allowed to talk about food because you're in the kitchen or dining room. And when you're in the bedroom, you can only talk about sleeping, dreams, occasionaly sex... but never discuss those in the car. Car is made to discuss gas prices and speed tickets..

Get lost, mind police.

.....3/10, maybe he just bumped his head on his desk after re-arranged some cables to his CPU and it's really a legitimate question.......

What gets me about the "Mind police" is that the topic is clearly titled NFL
yet people will still come in and complain that we are not talking about the CFL

Regarding the double hash marks query, I think Heinz Field is currently set up to handle both NFL games and NCAA games. NCAA football has wider space between the hash marks, but to save time from redoing the field, some stadiums (Heinz Field, Georgia Dome, Louisiana Superdome (when not wrecked by hurricanes), and the RCA Dome in Indy for a while) have 2 sets on the turf.

To Third and Ten

As an American who watches the NFL all the time, I can't say every game is exciting and ends up 48-45, but the NFL isn't boring per say. We have different rules than the CFL, and in some cases that makes the game better and in other cases it makes not as good. Overall there is more talent in the NFL than the CFL, but the top players in the CFL could play for anybody in the NFL and make a definite contribution. One reason for that is there are 32 teams in the NFL versus 9 in the CFL, and the average salary in the NFL is over 1 million dollars versus something less than that in the CFL.
All of our stadiums are 60,000 seats or more, and at least for the first half of the season they are usually 95% full. In the second half of the season, teams out of the playoff picture usually are playing in front of many empty seats, but that happens in every sport.
Most Americans have never seen a CFL game, and if they would watch one, would probably enjoy it alot. Some Americans don't even know that professional football is even played in Canada, and if you asked most American football fans to name three teams in the CFL, they would have a hard time coming with the right answer. I'm not defending my fellow Americans, I'm just trying to tell you how football is perceived in the US.
There was talk of the Ottawa Renegades signing Jesse Palmer, and that was big news. In the US, he was a third string quarterback for the New York Giants, and his being cut was mentioned in the newspapers but nobody shed a tear that he's gone, even though he was well-liked on the Giants. His leaving was not a big deal.

I am with you Stampfan, boring football talk No Fun League style have plenty of their own(yawn) sites. If the shoe was on the other foot ro1313, tell me how NFL lovers would react to a CFL topic on their specific site?

The CFL has really opened my eyes to what great football is, a "close" game in the NFL is a team with a three point lead, while in the CFL, the lead can come down to one point!

Sorry, but except when the CFL is over, I can't go back to the NFL. NEVER!


You are prob right but thats what make Canadians great.
The bottom line is still the same, the title spells it out. If you are not interested in the topic dont read it.

the thread is titled NFL....if you don't want to talk about the NFL, dont join the convo, let those who want to talk about the NFL talk about the NFL.

me, i love the NFL, some great games this weekend, and always great defense....i watch all the football i can get. some NFL games are more exciting than CFL ones, i dont limit myself to the CFL just cuz im canadian, if we think like that, how can we expect americans to watch the CFL?

Excelent point!

I've seen some great NFL games too, but the main problem I have with the NFL is that comebacks are too few and far between compared to other leagues and other sports.

Put it this way - when you build a lead, it's a lot easier to protect it when your offense has 4 downs and 40 seconds between plays to eat up the clock. It seems extremely rare that a team blows a 7 or more point lead going into the fourth quarter.

Good point Third.. and if you guys want exciting NFL action.. Watch the Falcons! Michael Vick is exciting.

Devil's advocate here;

The title IS clearly marked, but you can't tell people who don't like it not to read when the opening line is......"This is a topic for all those who don't like the NFL because they say it's boring"

The thread seems designed to invite those who do not care for the No Fun League to drop by and read what the topic is about.

By the way....45-23 does not seem like an exciting game to me. Seems a little one sided to be sure!

This is an EXCELLENT thread.

IRONICALLY...the NFL game really opened up when the NFL , stold 2 CFL rules about pass coverage.HENCE , the more scoring.

The NFL has had a good last few years of closer games.THANKS......CFL.

An exciting game...decided by a mere 22 points??

I didn't watch it, but not because I hate the NFL, necessarily. It's just that, during the CFL season, the CFL is enough football for me. Even watching one NFL game a week would be WAY too much football. During the playoffs I watch some, and of course I always watch the Stupor Bowl; but other than that, the CFL is enough.

Seems like a more exciting game this past week would have been the Patriots/Steelers game. Not having seen it, I don't know: did that extra 50-odd seconds really affect the outcome? All the sportscasts say is that the time was added to the clock, and that New England kicked a field goal with ten seconds left; but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. You have to look at the context of the kick. If the the Patriots were marching, using their timeouts, getting out of bounds, conserving the clock while getting into field goal range, then there's a controversy. But if they were running time off the clock before kicking, then that's just time they wouldn't have had to kill.