"Exciting News!"

Kevin Eiben ?@kevineiben35 - Saturday morning, July 6/13
Exciting news! Stay tune for a big announcement coming Monday! Just can't stay away from the game.
from Halton, Ontario

Is a missing former teammate going to be in town?

Eiben coming out of retirement again ? (for TOR)

Hadn't considered your "coming out" possibility, anotherdork. Probably a better guess, but less exciting, than mine. If you are right, I think you've got the wrong team.

With Plesius signing I'm not sure where Eiben would fit in even if Austin was interested.

I doubt Eiben is coming back with all the linebacking talent on this team.

It could very well be Chris Williams is returning, based on the way Kevin phrased the tweet. Perhaps, Lindsey Lamar's early success has given the wayward son's ego a shake of reality. Either that or his bank account is emptying faster than he thought.

Could also be a free agent whose stepped away from the game.

Or a really good ticket deal for those who wouldn't make the trek to Guelph.

Or Bob Young is suiting up to make up for the absence of Williams.

8) On to the injury list. :wink:

A tip of my topper to Tipper for that one. I hope the team can bring as big a smile to my face later today as this did on game day morning. :smiley:

Not saying its impossible but how would Eiben have inside knowledge on Wms. ?

He is a former player.

He does work in the same office building as the coach and GM.

He does work for the Hamilton Tiger cats.

Perhaps, they leaked it to him to give out a hint to build some publicity.

His job with the Ticats has something to do with selling premium seating. Maybe the announcement is related to that.

Reading that tweet to me it seems like he’s either unretiring or the more unlikely option, taking a coaching job.

His football playing days are over as far as I'm concerned. Too much line backer talent on the team to start messing up the ratio.

Kevin Eiben has been named the Defensive Coordinator of the McMaster Marauders.Well done Kev! :rockin: