Excited by the changes

I feel Edmonton is set up for a good year. I am very happy with the signings after Reilly left. I am espescially happy with the defensive additions at linebacker. I feel this will help us solidy our defence.


Agreed Scotty; the improvement of the LB corps is significant. You’ve now got the best LB corps in the league.

Santos-Knox and Onamba outside; that’s solid.

But MLB is a question. First you signed Tank Reed and then went out and got Larry Dean.

If you are going to play a base 3/4 defence then it makes sense; but not if you are staying with a 4/3. In that set one of Reed or Dean will be on the bench, and that’s a waste.

So going and getting Dean in FA when you already had Reed surprised me.

The Larry Dean signing is amazing. A top 3 MLB for sure. Reed isn’t as good and if anything, will be a solid backup for us, or used as a 4th backer in heavy sets.

I think this team got better with the Reilly departure as we now have the 3rd best QB in the league. Anthony Orange will solidify the Corner spot which we were victimized at. Greg Ellingson was a great signing, and much needed after losing Duke and Walker. SirVincent Rogers is an outstanding blindside protector. It’ll be a vastly new and exciting team this year.

I won’t say I am excited for the new offense, but I am cautiously optimistic based on as you summarize above.

A solid running game again will help immensely too, and we have not had a solid kick returner since perhaps I think it was Lawrence so it’s high time we have a new one.

Who knows whom they might get back at receiver in September via the NFL too.

Short of any new player with solid CFL experience at receiver, believe it or not, a few of the AAF guys at receiver look to have potential too.

That is the only position on offense in that woeful league that seems to have more than less than a handful of decent players with higher potential. That’s about the only good thing I can say about offense in that league too. See the brief summary here:


Regarding linebacker plans, any idea what’s up for Adam Konar or Christophe Mulumba-Tshimanga after signing Santos Knox?

WIL seems a bit crowded at the moment.

Crowded in the middle as well, with both Tank Reed and Larry Dean. . .

Good day All…
very excited by the changes. did hate to see Reilly leave, but family first, and the new change will be great.!!!
hope to see the defence will be better, new coach new faces…

cant wait for pre-season

It’s still too early, but I did enjoy the early-season write-up about camp and am liking the way things are shaping up on the projected rosters too.

Maybe Travis Bond slides out and takes over for SVR. He is a beast although it’s been a while since he played tackle. Plenty of options to fill at guard. Draheim? Plan B however it goes.

Got to ask about going 16 days without a post on the Eskimo board and then within 90 minutes of posting have a post changing the subject heading with a too early for news story after one of the highest paid left tackles in the league is announced as out for the season.

Different story if you are posting but it seems you are discouraging conversation.

No sweat off my butt. Hate the Eskimos almost as much as the Riders but even so can appreciate the strength of the organization and tradition over the years. Spirit of Edmonton is the #1 Grey Cup social event imo and no one can argue there are not a lot of championship banners hanging in that room.

Is anyone willing to venture an informed guess as to which players will be among the starting six RBs and WRs against the Montreal Alouettes in a week’s time?


Final cuts coming any hour now to set the roster for Friday night:


Final cuts are done plus I notice a 4th QB is on the practice roster, so hopefully by Wednesday we can get a look at depth charts.

Today through I think Tuesday are shuffle days for teams as cuts are examined by teams as well as practice rosters and the occasional free agent.

Eskimos have the 5th best QB. Masoli and Nichols is better than Harris.

I disagree. Harris is top 3, maybe even #2.

He looked like it tonight. 600+ total offense, 450 passing. Eskimos looked good. Thinking the fans will be happy.

Happy for Ricky Collins and Kenny Stafford as well.

Still don’t like the Esks but willing to give them their due for today. Big two points.

I’m concerned though about the late game collapse in the Esks’ Defence after Vernon Adams Jr. took over the reigns at QB from Antonio Pipkin.


Yes me too on that - lacklustre fourth quarter by the defense plus also the two turnovers in the first quarter are worrisome.

Against better teams we set ourselves up for a likely loss with those kinds of early mistakes.

The lack of cohesion on the defence or special teams shows.

At least the offence is off to a solid start.

I am liking the look of this team.

Need to get the penalties under control, though.

The really big test for the Esks is coming in just four days on Thursday evening in Winnipeg.



Able to outplay the other team but can’t finish in the red zone and can’t cover ONE guy plus so many penalties. At least Sean Whyte is on point, but damn way to beat yourselves Esks.

The defence is talented and capable but playing not as a team and is a mess.

As noted below with concerns about the 4th quarter against BC, it’s like they have been hungover ever since.