Excellent service

Just received a phone call from the Tiger-Cats office re Friday's kick-off being moved to 7:15 PM.

Wow, this is what I call excellent customer service. I like this personal touch!

Thumbs up!

Very nice, reminds me of a surgeon I had once who actually phoned me at home the night before my operation and asked if I had any questions or concerns about the operation the next day.

Spread the word. We apologize for any inconvenience. For more information please read the following link:


Reminds me of Chad on Via who asked me if I needed 2 cups or just 1..lol. I'm kidding. :wink:

That's great to see. Nice work guys :smiley:

I just received a call as well. I am very impressed. To call everyone because of only fifteen minutes time change. It is great customer service. That must be alot of people to call.
An impressed fan.

One for each fist, bg? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we get to see what season tickets holders they like the best. They haven't called me yet. single tear

Just rock and roll with it Dave.


Havent called me yet either...couldn't care less thought all still be there at 6

I was at IWS Today got home it was on the Machine..

Funny, they called me twice. :wink:

Hmmm have they called section 25 yet ? lol
and BG why did u need 2 cups ???? hmmmmmmmm .... lol .....

Well I for one am very happy that they moved the game back to 7:15 because I was ready for 7:00pm ( that's what it says on my schedule) even though it says 7;30 on our tickets and I have to leave work at around 4 just to make it for kick-off.

We like to take in the tailgates and I'm looking forward to seeing the tribute too! A win would be nice!

Hey...How 'Bout That Stegall!!! Always liked his play...let's hope he saves his game-breaker plays for somebody other than Hamilton....lol!

Yes!..This time change is a major inconvenience! :twisted:

The least they could have done was order me a large "Attic Pizza" to soothe my pain!!!!!

(just kidding guys.... :lol: )

Got the message on my voice "mail box"...thanks for the heads-up! :thup:

I had 2 cans of Sprite and he wondered if I wanted two separate cups :smiley:

Is that what they call beer on via rail?

Haha, you forgot the other part of the drink! :stuck_out_tongue: