Excavation starts

Here's a picture from the Winnipeg Free Press showing the first step of excavation - grass removal:


It's started! WOO HOO!!

now lawless can go back to reporting on other breaking stories such as ice edge and the never end sage of the phoenix coyotes.. maaan, these press guys need to start reporting facts instead of bs.

anyways tho, good to see it get started. even in the rain :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully they get the new stadium built before the CFL is down to 6 teams ?

Great to see, looking forward to sitting in the new digs in 2012 :rockin:

And for all the negative people, fans, media etc. now you can bite your tongue and realize that THIS IS HAPPENING LIKE IT OR NOT!!

Remind me, who were the posters who kept saying over and over that this would never happen? Wonder where they are now . . . ?

Only team currently in the CFL that would fold/move and what not is the Argo's, new owner/same Crappy fans, they have a football team that is tied for first place and they still only manage around 20,000 a game, The Buffalo Bills are completely dumb to want to even move an NFL team to Toronto. Fact is the Leafs (as pathetic as they are) is the only sports team in T.O to draw big crowds, too many bandwagon jumpers when it comes to the CFL and MLB, Blue Jays are lucky to get 15,000 a game, pathetic if you ask me!! we have had more fans at certain Goldeyes Games than The Jays have had in a few games as well, i remember a Jays game with an announced attendance of just under 8500 fans on a few occassions.

Ti-Cats will get there new stadium eventually as soon as there government gets there head out of there a$$, and i believe that either Ottawa, Quebec City or Halifax will have a stadium and a team sooner than people think, Ottawa is pretty close to a stadium deal, Quebec City is willing to build one and i am sure Halifax would be able to build one as well.

I also believe that the CFL will go to a different standings format within 10 years when we have more teams in the East: we will have a league with 10/11 teams not to far into the future:
Toronto (possibly)
Quebec City

There is a strong possibility of this happening and i firmly believe that the CFL is working towards this goal, that is 11 teams with T.O, 10 Teams w/o T.O

Probably red faced and embaressed (i know i spelled that wrong, too tired),but on another note there is always going to be a group of losers (people) who will try anything to stop the stadium construction just like the Save The Eatons group did with the MTS Centre, geez they were still trying to stop the MTS Centre even after the Eatons building was torn down. These clowns have no life and will always try and stop ANY new buildings in the City, they have nothing better to do!!

Great news for the bombers, hopefully the project does not go over the price expected and this thing can go off with out a hitch! :thup:

shhh...thou shalt not speak the names of the damned... :lol: :lol: :lol:

B.C. could become a trouble spot if Braley sells them ! He can't own two franchises for ever ! Toronto and Hamilton not exactly selling out, either ! 10 teams would be ideal, but won't be for near future ! 11 teams, never !