Exactly WHY will the Esks beat the stamps senseless on Mon??

Probably because they're ignorant red-necks...or at least wierdo is.

btw w87, if the thread got deleted, what exactly did you say to cause the deletion?

Nuff said...weirdo is giving me the creeps...might have to change my pick.Sometimes you have to act on a hunch, weird or not..Esks still win...stumps are stomped..


The Eskies winning on labour day is about as likely as the Ti-Cats winning on labour day.

You do the math.

I just hope Gass's return to the lineup can do something for their morale...it's obvious the esks need something big to get them on track...could AJ's return be enough? maybe, maybe not, I just hope it's an entertaining game.

Probably his well educated use of the English
language while he was "trolling". :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Well EE of all the guys I would stump on this one I am ashamed it was you! I could name probably three others that I expected but not you!

I like Hamiltons chances!

I hope it is a good game as well!

Edmonton is looking to remain perfect on the road this season (0 - 4).

Well one thing they are getting perfect on is finding ways to lose.

the unmistakable eloquence of my speech, of course

btw, i take umbrage to the redneck label: i am anything but

im sorry, i cant quite understand your wording: can't u insert "f***" or "s***" somewhere to make it more coherent? 8)

I like that idea...


Yeah well...Life's a bi*ch

the idea that u and pigseye r dumbasses? i like it too!


Well it seems the Eskimo fans are having a tough time dealing with so many losses this year. So they resort to weirdo ones comments. Do you not just love it!

you guys are hilarious! Burris has a stronger arm then Ray… so the first option is False.

and The Esk fans are dreaming!

....i hope the Esks. and Stamps beat-up on each other real good....i say it'll be a split.....and Ned Flanders will end up dancing with the'sugar plum fairy' ...instead of the usual hand-shake at the finish of each game...should be interesting... :rockin: :cowboy: