Exactly WHY will the Esks beat the stamps senseless on Mon??

hmm... they're all so tempting...

Too bad the real reason isn’t there…oops, my mistake, the real question is “Why will the Stamps hand the Eskies their asses on a platter the next two weeks…”

This poll from the same guy who made a similar poll in the Leos forum and wasn’t heard from again after the Eskies lost…AGAIN.

I go with odds.

Esks are due for a win.
Stamps are due for a loss.

Pretty bold statements from a fan of the last place team!!!!

I think the Esks will win on Monday, the Stamps , for whatever reason, manage to lose on Labour Day, and the pattern will repeat itself.

Stamps will run over EE, in a game like the
one where Winnipeg one on a last sec TD.

The truth to this is they need to beat down the Stamps to prove not only to the rest of league but themselves that they can do it. But I doubt they will be doing this anytime soon. Danny Machoka was taking notes and now is going are they going to pull this on us! You just never know now do you Danny! Watch out for that give to the white horse and run down the sideline play!

All those in favour of a Calgary win and a BC loss, raise your hand.


I admire the spirit in which this thread was created.

, I DID respond to the Esks’ loss to bc on that same thread. unfortunately, because of that post, the thread was deleted shortly after. so watch ur words, ya ignorant a*.

Why is it that most of the Eskies fans have to use that great language? Could this be the frustration of having a losing team! Who knows they just might luck out on Monday.

Prediction(reality a few weeks before it comes to fruition): Esks go 7-2(gotta leave some room for some unexplainable phenomena to transpire towards one or two Eskies losses) in their final 9 games this season, INCLUDING a sweep of the Labour Day games vs. cgy

:lol: :lol: Well I have to admit you never know but I like the chances of Pluto being named a planet again because Disney sues!

You think what you want; I'll know what I know.

stamps 16

Great do not give up on your team they need you right now! :lol:

I think this could be the wknd the Stamps get lit up, for what they really are...a fair ground freak show, to bad Stamp fans.. the stumbling Esks will pick you apart...

all they need is confidence and tenacity, and if they haven't acquired that after 2 weeks of practise, they deserve nothing

Now Hank you have been visiting pappa again! Visiting hours are over Pappa has to go home now!

The pro line bet will go in as win for the Esks...easy money...Ticats will lose and my Bombers will be pounding the Riders...like I said,red05.. easy money..

Esks will win big: nuff said