Exactly what is Taffe afraid of ?

If l could ask Coach Charlie Taffe one question it would be this " why are you so afraid to play Chang never mind start him? We are a 1 and 6 team led by our starting QB Jason Maas who has done nothing for us except lose winnable ball games !!!!!!

give it up man!!!!
when chang starts and he stinks then what????
A new thread called" play Williams, he's our only hope!!! "

You spelt Taaffe wrong twice.

No, when Chang starts and is given a legitimate chance to prove himself, one of two things will happen. He will win games which means he will stay in as our starter until he loses that position. Or he will not be able to perform with this team which then will result in him returning to his current position with the team and his continued studying of the CFL game. Maas will then step back into the starter's position and we will continue (most likely) our losing ways. The world will continue to turn, the sun will continue to rise and we all will resume our positions behind the keyboards. We will all, including Mr. Chang, be a little wiser and better off for it.
End of story.

Maas did not lose the game against Edmonton. Chris Bauman lost it. Twice.

Ther TEAM lost the game.

albo51 I would like to ask you one question, why is it your only reason for posting on this site to bash Jason?
I get it you don't like him, in fact you have said more than once how much you hate him, we all get it, but surely you can find more to do with this forum than just bash one player, if not you really need to get a life, everyone on here has said more than once it is a team sport, everyone on that team takes responsibility. What Taaffe is probably doing is exactly what you want, thats to let Jason be the goat until he feels Timmy is ready and the team has a little more time together and then let Timmy come in and be the hero if they win, at the beginning of the season you had alot of first year players, and a new system that has been hard for everyone to learn, he had Jason play not at 100%, but in his eyes thats better than bruising Timmy's ego, so long story short I'm sure you can quit bashing Jason for now, I'm sure you will get your way soon.

The most important position on your team is your starting QB ( CFL ),we have changed every other position from last year's year 4 and 14 except Jason .I agree football is ateam sport and we as a team have improved a lot of positions like Moreno at mlb,place kicking Setta,wide receivers gardner,Curry,bauman ,Jesse Lumsden for a full season,We as a team have been in every game and our record could have been 4 and 3 IF we had a great QB not a mediorce one and that is why l want to see what Chang or Ritchie Williams can do with the same talent around them instead of wasting away on the sidelines .We all ready know what Jason has done and that frustrates me to see our season go down the drain with him as our starter and leader!

Jason Maas was hurt...he is healing...he has not played great, but he has not played badly...

I've been watching this team and league league since 1970...first year QB's rarely hit the jackpot - Ealey, Clemens/Holloway, Ray, Printers...but rookies need time to learn...

It will improve folks...AND GET THE **** OFF BAUMAN'S A**...HE IS A KEEPER!

To all the Maas supporters...

Why not start Chang?

Sure, in our win against The 'Peg Jason Maas played well enough to start another game. But he certainly wasn't a direct result of us winning. When you have a RB that has TD runs of 75 and 69 yards and another players has a fumble return of 70 yards... THOSE are the keys to the game. 21 points that he had NOTHING to do with.

Why not start Chang? People are right... Chang might not be the answer. Chang might stink up the place. Chang may even be the worst QB ever to put on a pair of cleats...


I'm pretty sure that with Chang starting we couldn't be much worse than the 1-6 that Jason Maas has lead us to.

Chang will have to earn his “start” on the practice field. Why he hasn’t done so is not for us to say. Obviously the head coach and his staff see something in his play that they are trying to improve on or correct(?)
I don’t think for one minute that if he was showing better than Maas in practice that he wouldn’t be starting. Coaches like staying employed, and to do so mean they must win. They have decided that now the best chance of winning is with Maas.

Marv Levy, when he was in Buffalo, said that “If I listen to the fans, I will be sitting with them next week” So you can wish and hope, rant and rave all you want, but Taaffe will make the move when HE is ready and not before.

MAAS is my buddy. leave him alone!

Chang starting won't do a thing for this team as long as other areas are not addressed. Can Chang create holes for your running back? Can he shut down opposing receivers? Can he stop your team from taking dumb penalty after dumb penalty? Can he make sure that special teams blockers actually block for their kick returner? THESE are the problems that your Ti-Cats need to correct. Until you correct those, it doesn't really matter who's behind centre.

This is just one persons opinion …

I think the reason Jason Maas is continuing to start is because he is finally starting to grasp the system that Charlie Taaffe and his staff are installing, and Jason’s arm strength is starting to return after the long rehab process.

But more importantly, he is managing the game properly just like Charlie Taaffe wants him to do. Aside from the fumble last week due to the jailbreak of defensive players the offensive line decided to let through, you can count on one hand how many turnovers the offense has given up. That is a great thing.

If and when you see Timmy Chang play, you will see that yes he desperately wants to make plays and prove he can be a starter in this league, but what you will also see is a lot more anxious play which leads to overthrows which usually end up as interceptions. The last thing the Ticats need is to provide teams with a short field.

With the team just a third of a season old, struggling on the offensive and defensive lines, lacking continuity in the defensive secondary, not to mention the penalty problems, the team doesn’t need to start a rookie quarterback who will inevitably increase the amount turnovers.

Personally, I would wait until about game 13 before I would increase Timmy Chang’s playing time. That would give Jason Maas a solid chance to turn things around, and if not, then give Timmy Chang enough time to repetitions to learn the system and go in to next year with a great chance as the teams starting quarterback.

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Without a good O-line, your offense will go nowhere. Period. It all starts with the hogs up front. And as an Als fan, I'm well acquainted with what can happen when your O-line tanks. Your QB gets beaten up and loses both his rhythm and his confidence, and it kills your deep-ball ability because your QB never has time to wait for the deep routes to develop before throwing. You can't run the ball effectively for obvious reasons. And to put the icing on the cake, half your big plays get called back because of procedure penalties from your jittery O-linemen.

I was shocked to see Edmonton dominate the line of scrimmage with a battered, makeshift, patchwork D-line. Your O-line has got to do a better job both on pass rush and blocking for Lumsden.

Your O-line has got to do a better job both on pass rush and blocking for Lumsden.
This is true, but it won't happen over night!

So relax, be happy! enjoy the close one's