I realize that a lot is made about the offseason moves that saw the departure players such as Henry & Chevon along with guys like Marwan & Dave & JJ ...

But there are few that flew under the radar that were released under the current regime or the one before who are having very, very, very good seasons and most definitely could help the current team.

My nomination ... Greg Peach.

Ranking among the top in sacks as well as tackles boy defensive linemen league wide.

That's the guy that's been released over the last couple seasons that I'd like to have back in black & gold.

Who's yours?

Peach, Bucknor, Brohm, McDaniel, Carter (ratio buster) and Tisdale.

As well, Aaron Kelly is having a great year and could replace any one of our struggling SB's while Walker could be a nice
complement to Gable as a receiving threat out of the backfield.

Peach did absolutely nothing in Hamilton. He had his chance here. Why is he doing better in Winnipeg? Better coaching? Better schemes? Better linemates? Who knows.

Cory Chamblin, George Cortez.

Marquay Mc Daniel...........

Well in view of our current QB situation,I nominate every bodies favorite supposed 2nd stringer,Kevin Glenn who has got
to be better than who and what we have currently on the roster. Having McDaniel and Walker back also wouldn't
hurt,along with Peach,Kelly,Bucknor,Delahunt,Kohlert,Charbonneau,McElveen,Rottier etc etc.........oh the Hell with it !!!! Let's bring them all back,at this stage of the game,we could use all the help we can get. :cry:

Marquay McDaniel and Geoff Tisdale immediately come to mind.

Eddie Steele has played very well this year.

Evidently the two trades that were made this past off-season didn't work out (Bucknor for Aprile, Charbonneau for Armstrong).

Kendial Lawrence and Paris Cotton have both shown some good things.

Some excellent points are made in this thread. I’d say Austin and company sold this team out. At the end of last season, we were on the verge of a winning season. All we required was a few subtle changes and instead we inherit a bunch of non-performers and a complicated offense which nobody appears to understand but Kent Austin and his sidekick.
How much more time remains in this guy’s contract?

TiCat fans battle cry since 2004 .

"Make changes now !"

( but dont cut or trade anyone) .

Not injured…yet…

Injured, underperformed in relation to his inflated free agent contract. Why should have HAM kept him. ?
What did Bucknor ever do that Stephen doesnt do ?

McGee =Brohm

Other than completely average play what did Matt Carter ever do other than drop passes here ?

Tisdale - We all saw him get beat like a mule regularly here (which he still does in MTL) So why do we want him back ?

Is HAM the only place where fans think the future is in forgettable players from the past ? The past when we were all screaming for change ?

Players on current active roster pre-Austin(2012 and before)…9…Beswick,Giguere,Grant,Fantuz,Simmons,Filer,Fortin,
Players on current 1 gm IL pre-Austin…2…Boudreaux,Moore
Players on current 6 gm IL pre-Austin…2…Dyakowski,LeFevour

only 14 players remain from before when Austin arrived last year(the 14th being Medlock). There is currently 66 players
on active and IL on the current roster (76 if you include the 10 man P.R). The team has a total of 53 players that have been acquired since Austin took the reigns of this team last year,of those 53 a total of 30 on the active are either
rookies or 2nd year pros and 11 on the IL are either rookie or 2nd year players. So as you can see the proof is in the
pudding when it comes to why they’re are so many Ex-Cat players currently in the league.Austin has made an astounding makeover of this team in only a year and a half on the job. Except for a very few players,if you were here before Austin chances are your’e not here now.

Danny McMannus (in his '98, '99 prime)...

We were 2-7 versus the a West last season including an ass kicking in the Grey Cup. We were not a few subtle changes from contending. We made dozens and dozens of changes last year to show improvement over the year prior, but we were still far short of the big boys in the West. Continuing to make significant change was the only true path towards long term competitiveness. Some changes will be right the first time, some will take a few attempts, some will take time to know. Regardless, this team is continuing to evolve towards a stability and success. Patience is the key and while I know that’s been the lame answer for too long now, Austin and crew are actually building something viable and sustainable here.

No doubt we have let some good players go from this team over the years that have turned out great playing for other teams, like you said recently with Greg Peach in Winnipeg and many QB's over the years back to Tom Clements and Anthony Calvillo.

The one thing I didn't like in the CFL was the expansion draft and I think it should be done away with? Any new team coming into the league should assume the responsibility of building their own team from scratch, there are enough Free Agents, Ex-NFL players, Collage players on both sides of the border to build a new team and you just have to take time to do so, a champion doesn't happen over night.

I didn't like the fact that so many talented players were taken from the Tiger-Cats and Marcel D did just that as GM of the Redblacks he focused in on extracting players from the Cats who could be starters right away in Ottawa and he took full advantage of that as well as certain players from other teams like Sholagan from Regina and so on. I'm all for expansion in the CFL but not at the expense of the Tiger-Cats, let them build their own team and lets build a winner here.


While there’s still lots of season left, that was my biggest fear after witnessing the off season purge of the veterans, their contracts and their leadership.

Right now, I do not see any promising trend. This team is looking too young, too inexperienced, and leaderless.

Greg Peach was a complete bust in Hamilton.
He did not work hard and only played hard when he was threatened with removal.
I cheered the day the tiCats released that bum!
He is givin it now because this is his last chance. Soon he will start to feel comfortable in his job and will return to his old unreliable ways . Hamilton gave him every chance and payed him very well . Money he did not earn.
Spare me the "I have a chip on my shoulder speech " Greg . You got exactly what you deserved.

Spare me the "I have a chip on my shoulder speech " Greg . You got exactly what you deserved.
Yeah...a winning team. :smiley:

Great suggestions by all.

The way I see it though;

As good as Marquay McDaniel is and is performing … Receiver is not necessarily an area in need of upgrade. That also negates Aaron Kelly. As far as depth when it comes to NI receivers, I would say that players like Carter, Kohlert, Charbonneau-Campeau, would be valuable. But again, I don’t see that as a huge area of need or upgrade that would impact results.

Chevon Walker is playing well as the featured back in Ottawa. But do you play him over CJ? Answer is No. Can you play him as a back-up to CJ? I think they’ve tried under 2 different regimes and he had his chance & it didn’t work. CJ with Mossis as backup and playing teams is a solid tandem. So I don’t see keeping Chevon as a solid upgrade.

A name that hasn’t been mentioned is John Delahunt. I’d say he would have a significant role in the team’s offense and could be an impact player and one that’s been hard to replace.

I immediately mentioned Greg Peach since it’s universally agreed here that the TiCats pass rush is substandard. I’ll agree that Greg did not make the best of his tenure here in Hamilton. I will take issue with those that believe he didn’t work hard. I personally believe he worked & tried very hard. Did he come here with a BIG contract? Yes. Did it work out? No. He’s not unique in that occurrence.

I will admit my bias though. Greg has always been really good to me and especially my step-daughter. Very personable & engaging & nice. I always saw him as a true professional when it came to work ethic & dedication. It didn’t work out here in Hamilton but I’m glad to see it working out in Winnipeg.

As far as other players and areas, I don’t see players that have been released under the Austin Era as having significant success elsewhere or being able to first make this team or contribute significantly in a manner that would’ve changed the team’s fortunes’.

What happened to Quinton Porter? may need to bring him back this year.