EX-Ticats win jobs with The Riders

I am happy that these former Ticats
won jobs with the Saskatchewan Riders.

See below.

An excerpt from a Regina Leader-Post
article by sportswriter Darrel Davis

'Based on the preseason,

it looks like Jamie Boreham has
assumed punting and kickoff duties

from Luca Congi, who continues
with field goals and converts;

Jermese Jones (right tackle),
Mike Abou-Mechrek (right guard)
and Wayne Smith (left guard

move into offensive line vacancies;

long-time backup Marcus Adams gets
the first opportunity to replace
Nate Davis at defensive tackle;

returning defensive backs Sean Lucas
and Rontarius Robinson step into
pass-coverage duties previously
handled by Jackie Mitchell
and Davin Bush;

and cornerback Airabin Justin,
acquired from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,
is expected to replace Omarr Morgan.'

Wayne and Airabin are playing first string.

This article didn't mention who
the first string receivers are.

I am confident D.J. Flick is among them.

No word about DJ?

From Ridervile.com

He made it.. so did Hill

82 Flick, D.J. Wide Receiver 5'9 185 Import Slippery Rock
89 Hill, Kahlil Wide Receiver 6'3 215 Import Iowa

Well if the outcome of a game ever comes down to a kicking duel, Cats win.

An Argo-Cat fan

Really Barney I don’t Know Luca Congi may beter Field goal kicker then Nick.

we Really have not seen him kick a ton of Field Goals in the pre-season.

Justin is STARTING in the Riders' secondary? (And probably Kornegay too?). Saskatchewan will get absolutely LIT UP this year.

Not good news for Rider Nation.

P.S. Boreham will make many major mistakes this year that will cost the Riders a few wins. Guaranteed. It's just a matter of time.

Ex Ticats without a job:

There are two others but I wont name them. Did I miss anyone else that were traded or released recently?

How about a couple guys named Hitch and MM?

I`m sure he meant punting... lol

LOTS of chances for penalties and returns against JB...

How about a couple guys named Hitch and MM?
There are two others but I wont name them.

I thought Cheatwood retired?

I PREDICT Rider Nation will be MISSING Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers by week 6.

On paper, Sask. looks absolutely HORRIBLE.

Green Rider fans were upset that Danny couldn't get them past the West Finals ... how they gonna feel when they don't even make the playoffs ???


Airabin Justin? :lol: Man, I can't wait to run over those Roughriders.

I PREDICT Rider Nation will be MISSING Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers by week 6.
These are the kind of predictions that [b]I [/b]like to make. Since Tillman is now the GM and Austin the Coach- this is one prophecy that just can't go wrong. :)

You can bet these ex Ham players will want to skin our Cats the next time they play. I think Sask thought we were so bad last year they can take all there past Cats and make real football players out of them. I hope their wrong. :wink:

Actually on paper they look like one of the best teams in the league, with the best receiving core.

On paper we look like one of the worst teams by far.

Sorry, pretzel, "the Leagues Best Receiving Corps." belongs to B.C ... followed by Calgary.

Sorry, again, drexy,- with that list of former Ticats ... they LOOK HORRIBLE on paper.

Are you KIDDING me ? ... Boreham is ENOUGH, but then you add Justin and Kornegay to the list and suddenly Sask. becomes the EASIEST 4 points on the Schedule.


We thought that last year.
They Killed us.
Never Under Estimate your Opponent Meanstreak

Perspective is subjective. :thup:

I'd take Saskatoons over anyones anyday.

Dominguez, fantuz, flick, hill, Armstead

and maybe they also have a rookie who has game who they can bring along slowly, unlike us where we have 4 rookies starting in a system that is all about option routes and running the ball 90% of the time on first down. Not a good system for rookies to be in. There will be a lot of mix ups between Maas and his receivers.