Ex-Ticat QB may be Esks QB coach

Esks Axe Three Assistants

Maciocia spared as Green and Gold dismiss
coaches Chapdelaine, Squires, Brennan

Vicki Hall , The Edmonton Journal
Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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If Maas does become Edmonton's QB coach/3rd string QB, I hope the Ticats somehow aquire Steven Jyles from the Eskies. He is young, mobile, has an absolute cannon for an arm, and could compete with Richie Williams to be #2 in Hamilton behind Printers. (In fact, he plays a lot like a young Printers).

I hope the Ticats somehow aquire Steven Jyles from the Eskies
I really hope that you aren't serious.

What!!!!!LMAO MAAS? He cant even play good!,How will he be able to be a team player?

For once I think the Cats are pretty solid at QB...

Most successful Professional Coaches were average players ... Bowman, Arbour, Sather ...

cue Maas

... Bowman, Arbour, Sather ...
They might have done as well at QB for us.

Maas was good. he got injured and lost something. i thisnk he still has themental aspect down just physically can’t make the throws.

Now wether he will be a good coach remains to be seen.

Maybe it is because things come naturally to the great athletes, whereas the average players have to work harder to have some success. They realize how much their hard work contributed to their success and overcame their lack of size, lack of speed, etc. They are therefore able to reach more of their teams by coaching to the lowest common denominator, keeping it simple, and repetition, until it becomes second nature, and only gradually raising the bar.

It would be hard, then, to explain Ron Lancaster...

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see what Casey Printers amounts to as a team leader...compare him with Kerry Joseph, for instance, who (and I mean KJ!) wanted a Gey Cup team to QB for, pared $125K off his own salary so the Owners and GM could buy some talent to bring the team up that notch...

The next 6-9 months will show where some of these players and their agents are coming from...I have zero doubt that every GM and coach in the League picked up on what a class act Kerry Joseph is, even if few of us appreciate how close we were to picking him up in the dispersal draft, and over time, were shown to be the dumbest SOB's in the trading game...

[quote="Lifter"]It would be hard, then, to explain Ron Lancaster...

Close to picking up Joseph in the draft!!!!!

Right On...somebody blew it. :frowning: They did want PaoPao though :roll: ...AND GOT HIM!!! :lol:

Bingo...give this guy the prise!!!!!! :thup:

I don’t think Joseph is that great, it seems like through out a game he’ll miss at least 3 big plays by over throwing wide open receivers deep. He would be putting up Ottawa type numbers here, in Regina he has stellar receivers and a solid veteren line as well as one of the best offensive systems in the league.