ex-TiCat QB Jason Boltus to Winnipeg

During the panel discussion after the Riders/Esks game, Dunigan mentioned that the Bombers picked up former TiCat QB Jason Boltus who recently played for the Utah Blaze of the AFL.

Bombers OC Bellefeuille likely had a hand in securing the QB having coached him in Hamilton and seeing his potential.

Jason has good size and a very strong arm with great zip, and could develop into a fine pocket QB with proper tutelage on option reads.

Jason Boltus????????????? Seriously???????????? There kidding right????????? Experience???????? At What???????? OMFG!!!!! The only thing Boltus is experienced at is holding a clip board and wearing a ball cap.WHAT?????? Printers not available????wanted too much popcorn in his contract?????? Timmy Chang not out on parol yet????? Ritchie Williams could'nt be pried away from NASCAR????? I mean seriously this is what and who they came up with????? Just when I thought the B.B.'s couldn't possibly get any farcical they get more hilarious by the minute.FRIGGIN Unbeleivable !!!!! All I Got to say to the couple of hundred B.B. fans left is think positive,on the bright side there's only 10 games left in this circus season,at least ya all got the NHL and the Jets to look forward too. :cowboy:

For the curious, here's his 2011 CFL stats (as a third stringer), and his arena league stats.

Very few reps in the CFL, although his AFL stats are quite good.

Marcel must see something in this kid to bring him aboard the BB train.

What about Michael Bishop? I'm sure he's around somewhere anxious to make a return.

I think Hall suffered a broken wrist by the looks of things on the sideline.

This kid must be crazy or he hasn't seen the Bomber oline yet, I feel sorry for him.

Not the first player I thought of when they said the Bombers had signed a QB with CFL experience. As a holder, maybe. But did he ever take a snap outside pre-season? Spent an entire year hidden on the IR, then the next as 3rd QB, running the scout team. That's it.

But Bellefeuille was his coach for those two years, and he must have seen something in him other than just his size.

So, would it be better if the Bombers did nothing ? At least something is being tried. Seems to be criticism no matter what is done. Hall is hurt and Buck doesn't know how to play anymore, that leaves Goltz. Pigseye is right, I feel sorry for any QB behind the O-line.

Definitely they had to, and still have to, do something. Boltus may turn out to be a good QB. I thought he did very well - better than Porter, actually - in exhibition last year. The point most of us are making is that the Bombers stated that they were bringing in a QB with CFL experience. And that ain't Boltus.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/blogs/football/2011/10/ticats-boltus-understands-life-as-3rd-string-qb.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/blogs/football ... ng-qb.html[/url]

Found this tid-bit....Interesting story about being a 3rd-string Q.B. Goltz is also mentioned in here,ironic isn't it !!! :lol:

Think Reggie Slack and Nealon Green are sitting by their phone too.

In addition, with their QB situation being so bad, why not also as the guys on the telecast said, bring in Porter and anyone else recently cut by other teams.

Why not just sign the panel up ???? Dunigan can be your Q.B.
Stegall your go to deep threat
Climie your short yardage guy
Schultz your left tackle,blindside
LaPolice your new(old) H.C.

Can't do any worse than what they got now!!!!! :cowboy: :lol: :lol:

Was just thinking the same thing. Yikes, Winnipeg is turning into a circus of epic proportion.

I realize that my post was after yours, but you were not the target of my quote. The bozo character and others have lots of negative snickering, but very seldom have a logical answer.Cats, you and others are great posters. Every once in a while the Romper Room kids are let out for recess !

They could hire Dave Randorf as GM and they'd be better off

Whatever happened to Quinton Porter? He can't be sitting on the bonus he was paid from Jim Popp at $30,000 to sign with the Al's this year and walked away? Even Jarious Jackson I'm sure could be pulled out of coaching with BC for the right amount and play at least here are two QB's with some CFL experience instead of holding a clip board!