Ex-TiCat, now Rider Marcus Thigpen tests positive for steroid

2 game suspension

The sample was collected during a random in-competition test last November.
Saskatchewan head coach Chris Jones provided a statement in the aftermath.

[i]We are disappointed in Marcus and that he has tested positive for a banned substance. We have been in conversation with Marcus and the CFL for clarity and accept the league’s decision and corresponding two-game suspension. Our organization fully supports the CFL/CFLPA policy preventing the use of performance-enhancing drugs.[/i]
Thigpen rushed for 169 yards and one touchdown in the Riders East semi-final victory over Ottawa. There’s a 66 per cent chance that was the game Thigpen was pulled aside and tested.

You do the crime you do the time. Not surprised at all.

Wow . That brings the count up to 3 drug related incidents in Riderville already with Thigpen now joining Campbell and Carter on the list.......and Training Camp hasn't even opened yet !!! :oAt this rate the Riders may be hard pressed to field a full roster on opening day . Well at least Corky has stated that he's disappointed in Thiggy and I'm sure that he'll do the right thing in regards to this matter ::).

I am absolutely shocked more football players are not caught using steroids. Both NFL and CFL. More MLB baseball players have been caught than football players. Is it that the testing is not great?
Still waiting for some major big time athletes to get busted for steroid usage. Not sure how Serena went from this


to this without some help but what do i know.


33% chance. He played 3 November games.

If Marcus was only tested once, after one game, and tested positive, then the probability of him being doped are 100% as far as I see it. His chances of being detected, or maybe the chances of him being tested after any of one the three games are maybe 33%. I'm not a mathematician, so don't know how to calculate the odds that he only ever chose to dope on the exact day that the league chose to test him, but I am enough of a cynic to speculate that those odds would be around 0% ???

Riders say test was in competition in November. Riders played last reg season game Nov 4, then playoff games at Ottawa (win) and Toronto (loss) on Nov 12 and 19.

So, this isn't the only week of the year when wearing green could be a fair indication that one might well be under the influence of something. ::slight_smile:

I don't know much about steroids, but I don't think it's something you take on the day of an event to improve your performance that day. I think it's something you do over a longer period to allow you to recover from workouts more quickly.

Hitting puberty probably had something to do with it

Roider Pride! :o

Grover, you are a wordsmith . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


2 games???

Thats all ?

Wow so they didn't fix things after all

LOL !!! I'm not entirely sure if Grover should be getting full credit or not for being a wordsmith on this one .


For a first offense. Also, that ends up being 11% of his year's salary. Not something I'd want to give up.

While I am not providing an excuse in any way, each athlete is responsible for their own body/actions/behaviours, but many off-the-shelf supplements are manufactured/packaged in places that do not have as high cleanliness standards as others and normally non-tainted supplements are packaged immediately after some product that contains a banned substance. So, the new, clean product runs through the not cleaned bins and processes and the new product is contaminated by the traces of the previous product.

In cases like this, the testing authorities are generally more forgiving and issue lighter penalties. Kindly of a “due diligence? or “reasonable steps to be sure? standard. The standard of proof is high, but the occurrence of the scenario noted above is high as well.

I am sorry for bumping this thread, but I am now reading about athletes that have been caught on using steroids... They are so many and those are who got caught on. To my mind, it is almost a common thing as steroids only boost the muscles but without any hard work it wouldn't work either. So, it is okay for them to use it.

No it isn't okay to use PED's. There are two reasons:

  1. It is potentially harmful to the player's health.
  2. It gives an unfair disadvantage to those players who choose to follow the rules and not take chances with their health.

Andrew Harris, is that you?

Or is it Carlene?

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