Ex-Ticat Leif Pettersen new Argo President??

Okay I know that it's Marty York and a few out there don't like him. But Marty was the first one to state that Casey Printers would sign in Hamilton and his CFL picks are more accurate than any other writer.

He also has some interesting things to say about Printers and Buono.


I think Leif would do a great job as he is smart and knows the CFL well.

It would however be ironic if he did get the job. When I was a teenager I used to work at a gas station by Ivor Wynne. A lot of the players would come and get their gas there. Leif was one of the more frequent visitors and was always very nice and was willing to talk football as well. He told me once how much he hated the Argos. He grew up in Toronto and he said that was all he ever heard on the sports was Argos this and Argos that. As a result he never wanted to play for them.

Hmmm. Seems to me Lief should have been contacted by the Tiger-Cats at some stage of the re-building. I wonder if he was?

The position of "Hamilton Hottie" is taken, mr62cats
and besides Leif is too old to vie for that title now. :smiley:

if the argos were smart they would offer the job to danny barrett