Ex TiCat CJ Gable re-signs with EDM

Dave Campbell?
#Eskimos have signed RB C.J. Gable to a two-year contract extension. #CFL

And a very disgruntled Speedy congratulates! :o

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@CJ_Gable congrates bra I’m so happy for you bro and seeing you happy now ! Must be nice to have ppl in YOUR best interest !

And CJ replies

CJ GABLE?Verified account
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Thanks bruh I am happy loving the game again love it there @EdmontonEsks need to sign you already bc u would love it to

Banks is a fricking child.

Dime a dozen. See ya.

Dionte Spencer will be more than a dime, but, for the $$$, I would like Dionte! Less drama

Banks misses 2016 Training Camp, excused, no problem, team accommodates him

Anybody remember this?


Banks then tests positive for a recreational banned substance(MDA),
suspended for 2 crucial games in Oct. 2016, excused again, no problem.

December 2017, complains the team is mistreating him. :o :o :o

Shades of Chris Williams. Never bit the hand that feeds you unless you haven't grown up yet!

Speaking of Chris Williams. Williams was traded to Montreal for DE Gabe Knapton. And the Tiger Cats ..........crickets and the sound of one hand clapping.

Great trade for BC. I can see Ted Laurent signing in BC, too. Hervey has said that strengthening their D Line is a top priority.

I realize this is one “bro? commensurating with another but could this be a seen as a backdoor case of tampering? Suggesting the Esks need to sign him (Banks) because he would love it it there. Nothing like a little persuasion and prompting, and suggestions Esks should sign him.

Brutal trade. Stud DL for an average WR whos peak effectiveness was two years ago.

My take away is there is a lot more wrong in Tigertown than a june jones signing will cure
Lets see how many FA we can sign.

I recall some comments from Banks regarding free agents from the team and their reluctance to re-sign here if Kent Austin was involved. He then threw Luke Tasker under the bus. I think we have found the cancer in the dressing room

Players can't tamper.

As for Speedy, learn how to use Twitter and DM your former team mate.

And you're a free agent. Go sign with someone who will appreciate you. And why do you ALWAYS look angry?

Are you talking about the unsubstantiated rumours from "unnamed sources" that Drew mentioned in his hatchet job of KA right after the Grey Cup?

Yes, players are not officially allowed to, or considered to, tamper but Gable’s strong suggestion that Banks would love it in Edmonton and Esks should sign him certainly seems to skirt the rules, thus my referring to “backdoor tampering?.

If Banks had any doubts about going to free agency, Gable’s comments surely would have an influence.

Oh, Thats right, it would be way better in Edmonton playing under Maas than Austin, because Maas treats teammates with such respect with his calm soothing demeanor! :o :o


No other team in the league will force feed Banks the ball the way we did under Jones' offense last season.Much like Masoli if he wants to play, start and be at the centre of the game plan he will sign here. If he only cares about the money and something like 25k difference means that much to him then go ahead. He would be stupid to do it though.

I think everybody is in agreement that if we are going to overpay for an American KR/Receiver Dionte Spencer is the one. And while he's getting NFL looks, hopefully HE isn't as stupid to realize the opportunity in front of him if we were to sign him.

If we could ever get both of them that could be a game changer.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'm all for Dionte Spencer too. Banks has been a petulant, sulking, irresponsible child. I won't miss his pouts and lack of professionalism and judgement. Go green Speedy.

Before a HC is picked... Same old, same old in Montreal. Most of the press in Montreal didn't even bother printing the Als press release. All of Popp's guys must go to make room for Kavis pets. Kind of sickening and not a way to build a team.

I guess CJ wanted to be known as more than a Blocking Back.

Interesting that this was posted by Coach June Jones on his twitter account a few days ago!
I wonder where Banks fits into this philosophy?

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Dec 11
On every team, there is a core group that sets the tone for everyone else. If the tone is positive, you have half the battle won. If it is negative, you are beaten before you ever walk on the field. – Chuck Noll