ex-Superbowler working out with argos

Boy I wouldn't want to get in bed with either group.
Although the story apparently is how Rogers has first rights to purchase the Argos if the owners sell.
I still think if the team a few years back did build their stadium it would sellout 35,000 seats without question.
But, then Rogers gave the team a sweet deal for the dome to include little or no rent and 50% for all of the conscesions. I guess we can't blame the owners for grabbing.

I can't believe that the Toronto Sports Network would air a story about the Argoes, regardless of how trivial. You would think that the TSN owned the Argoes or something.

TO looking at an Nfl, reject, headcase, is not news. I hope the Argoes don't waste a large chunk of their "cap" dollars. A good product in our largest city is vital to the league, get a quarterback, that would be newsworthy.

Freddie Mitchell is an amazing talent who was underused and underrated in Philadelphia. You say he's terrible because he only had 90 catches in four years, well that shows how many times he got passed to. FredEx could be a #1 reciever if someone gave him chance. McMahon is a great quarterback too. He has a great arm and is quick on his feet, it wasn't his fault the Eagles' were 6-10 in 2005 season, it was because at the end of the season the only starter at a skilled position still playing was their tight end. Mitchell and McMahon both shoud be playing in the NFL right now, but I think that the CFL is a great fit for them.

i think as soon as the argos offer mitchell had $100 000 contract he will just turn on the league… and the argos shouldnt pay him more because he hasnt done ne thing yet in the cfl

And the Argos should never have given Clemons a chance cause he returned kicks in the bad NFL too. Arland Bruce should'nt play on our team either cause he played in the NFL and his cousin still does.

Football is football, and if a guy can still play, why not give him a shot. We don't have to spend half a mill on Ricky Williams types anymore, but to shun away anyone else at a great price would be silly. And just so you know, just about every one of your favorite Imports has played some down in the NFL.

Are you on crack? If Freddie Mitchell was so damn good, KC would have kept him afterwards, it's not like KC has the most outstanding receivers in the NFL... Freddie Mitchell isnt even close a great NFL receiver, sorry to burst your bubble.

I don't care about signing players with NFL experience... but the Argos have a nack for going at former 'name' players... why narrow yourself to guys who used to be on trading cards?

I know I know... the Argos have the challenge of being heard in the town with the most competition for the entertainment and pro sporting dollar... but as far as having a reputable operation in a league with a $4.05 million cap & 19 required non-imports.. from a football perspective they make some questionable decisions...


I know I know… the Argos have the challenge of being heard in the town with the most competition for the entertainment and pro sporting dollar…

They also have the challenge of being in the city with the worst fans per capita in the country.

Thats the thing! Freddie Mitchell was never really a name... All the guy ever did, it was nice however, was catch that 4 & 22 pass from Run DMC in the playoffs against the Packers in the playoffs 3 years ago i think it was