ex-Superbowler working out with argos



Two years on the outside looking in has taught former NFL first- round draft pick Freddie Mitchell to stop trying to boil the ocean.

The one-time Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was one of three ex-NFLers who worked out under the watchful eye of Argonaut coaches and management personnel yesterday at the U of T's Varsity Centre dome.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve," said the 28-year-old Mitchell, who was the 25th pick overall in the 2001 draft.

"But the thing about it is I've come to realize you can't boil the ocean. If something's wrong and if you can't fix it you can't say anything. I've definitely learned that.''

Mitchell never quite lived up to the Eagles' expectation as he gained more media space for his exploits off, rather than on, the field.

He labelled himself with a number of nicknames such as "First Down Freddie," the "People's Champ" and "Fred Ex."

He trash-talked the New England Patriots secondary prior to Super Bowl XXIX much to the consternation of his teammates. Then in interviews following the game, which the Eagles lost, he complained about being overshadowed by Terrell Owens and blasted quarterback Donovan McNabb for not having the faith to throw him the ball.

This led to him being released before the start of the Eagles' 2005 training camp. He signed as a free agent with Kansas City, but was cut before the start of the season.

While he claimed he's learned to be more careful about what he says he showed he hasn't lost his sense of humour.

Asked if Argos could expect him to be in training camp, Mitchell replied: "If the numbers are right I definitely would like to play here.

"I'm expecting a little bit of (David) Beckham money," he added, breaking into a laugh. "As soon as they give me a Beckham contract I'll be here."

Argo GM Adam Rita is more likely to offer Mitchell much – very much – less than what the soccer star makes.

But he added he's looking forward to getting the receiver under contract.

"I see he has a great work ethic, quickness and it doesn't look like he's lost any speed," said Rita as he watched Mitchell sprint downfield to get under a toss from ex-Detroit Lions quarterback Mike McMahon.

"I think he's a little hungrier than he was in the past. So we're going to give the guy a chance; all he has to do is perform. I don't care if a guy talks a lot as long as he produces."

Rita added he likes McMahon's athletic skills and his toughness.

"He looks like he has the charm and charisma, tenacity and competitive spirit and obviously he's got a strong arm, quick feet and he can run," said Rita.

"If he wants to come up and be a player for a long time this is the place for him."

McMahon, who was drafted by the Detroit Lions, eventually wound up with the Eagles and started seven games in 2005 in place of the injured McNabb.

McMahon was non-committal about whether he would end up signing with the Argos. He said he still has aspirations to play in the NFL.

Wide receiver Eugene Baker, the third player to work out yesterday, has been in the NFL since 1999, but has seen little playing time. He was last with Carolina Panthers.

Freddie Mitchell should never be allowed near a football field. He will be a cancer to the Argos. I think the Argos are better than that. He is T.O. without the production.

As for Mike McMahon he is a keeper. Great fit for the CFL. Reminds me of Jeff Garcia.


Just another import receiver.

They're a dime a dozen

Mitchell sounds to be like another mouthpiece the Argos had a few years back, Andre Rison.

Yeah, but at least Andre Rison made a name for himself on the field (as well as off of it...) but like imean if say both of those 2 men were the same age and what not, who would you take? Rison, no doubt... The Eagles are my favorite NFL team, and well the only thing i can remember than Freddie Mitchell did worth anything was that 4 and 22 catch against Green Bay in the playoffs a couple years back...

Adam Rita and Greg Mohns keep picking up
arrogant, chest-beating NFL cast-offs.

I love it. It makes it easy to hate the Argos,

even with Pinball.

McMahon can play… Mitchell is a waiste of time.

if the argos are thinking of bringin in mitchell- whos cocky, arrogant and trash talks his own teammates-then why did they cut Robert Baker????

It’s just the Argos being the Argos. nothing un-expected about the type of players should just make their camp interesting especially after they released 6-7 vets over the winter. several starters(mostly starters)

haha, he expects to get paid big money, if the Argos cut all the guys like Ivory due to the cap and he expects to make even what they were making(150-200K$ Canadian) he’s a lil crazy. 120-140K maybe. The Argos have Bruce as their big money receiver but their offence really sucked last year… really sucked.

i wonder what the difference in saleries is between Tony Miles and Arland Bruce??

watching argo games, it seems to me, miles makes the most catches ( often the most difficult ) during an argo drive, then bruce catches the TD pass in the endzone and gets all the glory.

As mentioned above ... Mohns just seems to love signing up .... "head cases"

Guess Damon .... just bores him :slight_smile:

It's almost like the Argos and Pinball take it upon themsleves for these "projects".
Having said that, the Argos have a much deeper problem of a QB.
If Bishop does not sign, I know he is with the AFL but can break the contract, we have let's see a washed up 44 year old and Eric the project Crouch.
This does not bode well for my Argos in this the GC year. Especially when we have the soccer team creating a buzz with over 12,000 season tickets and the Beckham game to talk about all summer for the August debut.

Well whatever we think, it got the Argos in the newspapers. Doesn't hurt this time of year.

In fact, I saw a clip yesterday on TSN?

Could be that McMahon becomes the answer for the Argos at QB.

argotom, this soccer thing I don't really impacts the Argos that much, or Blue Jays really. I'd imagine that most of the fans are people who know and grew up with soccer, sort of non-gridiron or baseball people.

Now, that being said, I think that the soccer team playing in a nice completely outdoor stadium is an issue. Toronto has been clamouring for such a stadium after watching for the past few years people in Montreal and recently Hamilton really enjoying themselves in these type of quaint stadiums. People are more fed up with the cavernous tomb-like Rogers Centre and this is why Ted Rogers is spending lots to bring back the fans to his stadium. I think this is an issue, heck, even myself as a non-soccer person although I certainly have no hate-on for the game, wants to take in a game there on Exhbibition grounds, sort of like going there years ago watching the Argos. This is a bit of an issue maybe in that the stadium experience will become "the buzz" and the Argos might have to compete agains't that. Maybe the Blue Jays a bit although with their spending they are selling lots of tickets from what I've heard.

The Argos should play an exhibition game at the new soccer stadium in 2008 and see what the response is, even if they have to modify the field size since I've heard it can't accomodate a regular sized CFL field.

Now the Argos aren't the only team that does it... but they are by far the worst...

Why does this team make a point of it almost every year to bring in a former household NFL name even if they are stocked at a given position with affordable and effective talent?

Rison -> Ricky -> Mitchell??

These signings stink of upper management trying to draw NFL junkies to their stadium...

joedav, Toronto is caught between a rock and a hard place. In order to attract new fans to try and get a 35,000-40,000 average attendance, I unfortunately see no other way there than to sign as many "name" players, name being NFL players, as possible. Let's face it, other than the diehard Argo fans there, what maybe some 15,000-20,000, most Torontonian "football" people couldn't name a CFL player but could probably name lots of NFL players. Again, unfortunately, the Argos might need these NFL junkies to help increase attendance.

Agreed Earl, as a season ticket holder for the past 13 years I have seen some the ugly and now the "good".
Having said that, the team appears to be "stuck" around the 30,000 average mark and no doubt it wants to increase upward especially since this is the GC year.
The team has to make a splash and no doubt Printers would have been it had he not signed back with the Chiefs.
Now, the team finds itself in a position where they must compete yet again for the entertainment dollar. Although I agree with you how the new soccer team is not a factor, it is still competing for the fan and has the new outdoor stadium as a "diamond in the rough".
There is no chance of the Argos moving over since the stadium only has 20,000 and must involve excavation at the one end with millions of dollars in cost. Equally as important, we have the untrustworthy MLSE as the "owner".

Well, the soccer stadium is too small it seems, fortunately actually. And maybe Rogers too wants to keep the Argos, another tenant for the stadium. Which is good. I still say the RC is better for football than baseball, it looks more like a football stadium than baseball.
Who do you think is more untrustworthy, MLSE or Rogers Inc.?