Ex-Redblack kicker Milo available?

Here's a story from the Ottawa Citizen on Redblacks ex-kicker Chris Milo wanting to get back into the CFL, how about the Tiger-Cats??

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/still-itching-to-play-in-cfl-milo-moving-to-quebec-city]http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/footbal ... uebec-city[/url]
8) I'm sure if Castillo falters early in the season, that Milo could get a call !!

YUP, he is decent for sure.

His passport would also help as it would allow us to free up another import player on the roster who could play another position and help us with our depth in other areas , instead of wasting one of our 4 D.I. positions on a kicker .

I guess Austin owes you guys some of his pay, since you're doing his job for him.

In all seriousness... Austin has his kicker, and he beat out 7 other professional kickers to earn the job.

Sounds like Milo was available all spring, yet did not participate in any Ticats tryouts. Maybe his punting isn't good enough, or maybe there was disagreement on how much he is worth.

As an option adding Milo and didn't Sask cut our Australian/National punter?
Is it better to use 2 Nationals or one import?? I am not too well versed on this as to the pros and cons.

The Aus punter Josh Bartel is not a National he's an International player from south of the border.

Australian-born punter Josh Bartel, 29, who was a member of the Green and White in 2014. He is classified as a home-grown player for the purposes of the league’s national/international ratio.
I am assuming from your post that this has changed??

The question was raised once already this year because his player page on cfl.ca lists him as an International. But Cfl.ca is notorious for head-scratching design decisions and factual errors, and as early as his re-signing this spring, he was described in the media as having been "grandfathered" in as a national, since he was already in the league before they decided the "non-import/national" criteria wasn't strict enough.

On the Riders Roster page, punter Josh Bartell is listed as an International Player


Either way with Milo being a Canadian kicker this could certainly present an interesting opportunity for the Cats, at least he is consistent, accurate and has good stats and is still very eager to play and to win another championship again.


8) Well unless the rules have changed in the last 3 years when Bartel played with us he was classed as a NATIONAL !!
  South of the border you say ???  He's from Australia, that's not south of us, in the good old USA  !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   Check your facts as to when he was a Ticat, what his nationality was classed as !!!

   I know for a fact he was classed as a National at that time !!!