***ex-PM, Paul Martin new Gades GM??

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THE RENEGADES are drawing up a new game plan for the 2006 CFL season, and a front-office shuffle is part of it. The Sun's Barre Campbell lists the candidates for the club's CEO and general manager jobs, offering some out-of-the-box suggestions, too, as well as the early line.



At some point, he'll be back. When, is the big question. Truly doesn't want to step on current GM Forrest Gregg's toes because he has respect for the NFL Hall of Famer's status. The redhead from Ole Miss is a can't miss.


For heaven's sake, the man is in the Hall of Fame (Canton, not Hamilton). He deserves more respect than what he's been getting lately. A likely scenario: He stays on for the season until Tillman takes over for 2007.


Back when Grant White tried to bring football back to Ottawa before the Watters group did, this man was rumoured to be a GM candidate. He has done an outstanding job scouting U.S. talent for the Edmonton Eskimos, and could do the same in Ottawa.


He's a John Lisowski/Phil Kershaw candidate, which is a detriment from the start. A member of the old guard, but fans are looking for a fresh approach.


Viewed as a bit of a Renegade himself, but Ricky has a tendency to use foul language at inappropriate times. Doesn't work well with others, smokes too much and can't pronounce jalapeno properly.



VP of finance for baseball's Washington Nationals. Former money guru with the Blue Jays, and president of the Argos. Owns an extensive and impressive resume in sports admin. The big question is whether or not he would be willing to take on this massive challenge. He's the guy everybody seems to want, including Renegades owner Bernie Glieberman and other CFL governors.


President and CEO of the Ottawa 67's. Respected in the city's sports community and loves football. The junior hockey team would miss him dearly if he moved across the hall into the Renegades office. Works hard and, more importantly, IN THE BACKGROUND, just getting the job done.


Former Rough Riders receiver has a high profile in town and knows the game well. Interested in tackling this project. Cares deeply about the club and has the backing of many in the community to take a run for the position.


Another former Rider who's widely respected in the community and a passionate supporter of the CFL in Ottawa. Owns Local Heroes, so he's got his hands full already. Many believe he's the ideal candidate, but he has repeated time after time there's no interest from his end.


Wants the job, but won't get it. Followed Lonie Glieberman everywhere last year, then cut his throat. His house is about to get rocked.


Like one of Cinderella's stepsisters, keeps trying on the glass slipper, but it'll never fit. The carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin for Johnny Trump.

PAUL MARTIN (1,000,000-1)

Hey, why not? Loves the CFL. Available after recently losing his executive job. Doesn't need a map of Ottawa. Knows finance. Shuns the conservative approach, like coach John Jenkins. A perfect fit?

Curse to Paul Martin the WORST PM EVER.

Ever hear of Joe Clark?

Or Brian Mulroney?

Or Kim Campbell?

Or Stephan Harper?
Well not yet but soon!!! :wink:

or Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien. Most libs have been in the running for the worst.

......or Angus Begley McMurtry?.........ok, so he wasn't a PM, but he would have made a terrible one I bet....

I like the idea of Paul Martin coming to the Gades and saving the team. Hope he takes an interest in them.