Ex-Colt and Hamilton Native Collie signs with Als

Former 4th round NFL pick and National status player is a SIGNIFICANT signing for Als. He lead all of college in receiving yards in 2008.


Will replace Carter who coincidentally was signed by the Colts

I'll be satisfied if he replaces Deslauriers :lol:

But as a big time ratio buster

I always like seeing a Hamilton guy do well, but I'm surprised he can still play football. A history of concussions (after taking some absolutely vicious headshots), as well as a few other injuries. I don't suspect he'll be on the field much in Montreal.

YUP. :lol:

Sounds like Als are taking a flyer. History of concussion problems plus the usual NFL hangover.

He signed with the BC Lions


VANCOUVER - Austin Collie is heading to the CFL, but with the B.C. Lions.

"Austin has an established football resume and will add depth, speed and experience to our roster," Wally Buono, the Lions vice-president of football operations, said in a statement. "He's an exciting player that I know our fans will enjoy watching this season."

Collie, 29, is a Hamilton native and joins the Lions as a national — or Canadian — player. But he comes with issues — he suffered at least three concussions during his NFL tenure.

"I'm excited to be joining the Lions and very much look forward to playing in the CFL," said Collie. "The wide-open play of the Canadian game and the passion of fans across the league is going to be a lot of fun to experience."

His Dad Scott Collie was a TiCat

My brother passed away a number of years ago, and Scott Collie was his favorite Ticat. My brother bought Collie's jersey from the Jock Shop downtown. I remember Collie catching some nice TD's from Dieter Brock.

I wish Collie's son all the best in his comeback bid with the Lions.

I would not be surprised if the Als got Green's name on a contract before they inked Collie and did not have the salary cap $$$ to have both.
Sure we will find out though.

Higgins when asked about Collie said after the press conference that there are other ones (receivers?) they are monitoring should they hit free agency. Whatever that means.

It means they don't have the cash under the SMS.

It is January, everyone has SMS space. Anyway when your QB makes around 75 to 100k, you have plenty of room.

Signs with MTL signs with BC . Heard of an owner owning two teams but not a player with two contracts.

This is one of my posts from a couple of years ago regarding Austin Collie December 23rd 2010. And he is a good one.
Should have been on our Neg. list.
man did we miss the boat on this one. Hello scouting staff where are you?

I wonder if Austin Collie the wide reciever for the Indy colts would ever consider playing for the Cats after all he was born in Hamilton his father is Scott collie played for the Cats in the mid to late 80's I guess he'd be considered a non import. Hmmm.
Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:13 am

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All nine teams missed the boat on that one.

Sammy Giguere?

Or Boris Bede, Jesse Joseph, Chris Williams... There are a number of potential FA that could interest the team. Vaughn Martin has signed with the Chiefs so he's out for now.

Right because scouting and acquiring talent has been such a huge problem for the team .