Ex-cheerleaders give sagging Bombers a lift.

This is the closest thing to good press we'll likely have this year.

http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/story.html?id=656738 http://thebiglead.com/?s=oh+canada You're welcome.

My annoyance with this story begins with Dena Clark, the cheerleading coach who goes on and on about how this incident betrays the ideal cheerleader image. If the image they project isn't sexual in nature, then why don't the Blue Lightning have a co-ed acrobatic style cheerleading team with animals and Buzz and Boomer participating? What are the Lightning supposed to be, trophy wives in training? Give me a break.

My second annoyance is that I couldn't find one author that lapped up the story to identify the ex-cheerleaders by name. Not even Dena Clark could be bothered to name the "young women on a path of positive thinking, healthy living and athletic training," perpetuating the perception that these scantily clad cheerleaders are sex objects to complement the gridiron gods.

If this doesn't prove that cheerleaders are little more to football than eye candy paid to put bums in the seats, then what does? I'm not here to criticize that, but let's not lie to ourselves and feign righteous indignation. My favourite picture is the brunette mooning Parliament Hill. Enjoy!

I honestly could not have posted this topic any better myself.

i'll put it this way, def distracted people from our 0-3 start. and well the media has blown in it totaly out of proportion. its just a bunch of girls taking fun and stupid pics. nothing more.

I doubt anyone really believes all the stuff their saying about the wholesome image its just something they have to do otherwise the fanatics would be calling for a boycott of Bomber games.
The reality is today you'd be hard pressed to find women in their early 20s who haven't posed in pictures like that.
As for Dena Clark if she wants to portray a non sexual image she needs to stop wearing those white pants when she's on the sidelines
Ye Gods the woman has the hottest rump I've ever seen!!! She puts the ret of those young girls to shame I have trouble watching the game when she's nearby.

To be fair to a somewhat family-oriented organization, no it's not. The items that made this story viral are an admission by the Bombers that these women are former cheerleaders and the fact that these former Blue Lightning cheerleaders were wearing the official uniform in some of the photographs.

Clayton Moore was the original Lone Ranger, but had no legal right to don the Lone Ranger mask long after he retired. Courts eventually forced him to wear dark shades in lieu of the mask for public appearances.

Once these women left the Bomber organization, they had no legal right to appear in lewd photos wearing the Blue Lightning uniforms. They likely had to sign a morals clause when they were selected, and are still bound by that clause should they choose to wear the uniform in public, if they're allowed to wear it at all.

Frankly, I'm surprised that the former cheerleaders were allowed to keep their uniforms when they left. You can be sure this will no longer be team policy for any team in the CFL and former cheerleaders will be sent stern-sounding letters drafted by lawyers to mind their P's & Q's.

But hey, I'm not a lawyer and have no sympathy for the Bomber organization whatsoever. For all I know, the Bombers didn't "cover their butts" legally and can do nothing but watch as these Blue Lightning uniforms make their way to the websites of softcore porn.

Que sera, sera.

*hearty applause from the gallery

0-3, are you guys 0-3? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I wish I was 40 years younger! :expressionless: :expressionless:

...YEAH you're right sport....and i wish everything wasn't sagging''..the girls seem to be okay though...i wonder if any of them can ''return kicks,punt, play a little qb. or db....probably not, and that's a bummer...we sure could use the bodies though... :lol:

ok here is my counter to that spidey I understand that the football team is city orientated and family orientated wanting to bring in more families to games and teach them football. But i don't know any girl who hasn't had pictures such as that taken of them by friends when having a good time.

Has got the uniforms they are wearing i can tell you that some have been taken inside the blue lightning cheerleader fressing room at canad inns stadium, and i can tell you that cuz i have been in the room before so chances are these pics were taken while they wre on the team. even more understandable when the pics include other members, and if i am not mistaken 1 includes dana the team coach. so who are you to say they still had the uniform after being off the team, and how can you limit the girls taken pictures in the dressing room if they so choose to do so. i have taken pictures at work before.

Really their is nothing i think the club can do. all the pictures include are former cheerleaders, taking pictures. ya i understand that o no she is showing off her but, even still their is no harm. that was her mistake to post the pictures on the net not the clubs. she is a former memmber and took the pictures back a few years ago while on the team. overblown situation by the media. cuz they all have made honorable mention her pic in front of the parliment buildings. honest and true the pics have no impact on the current roster or team. they can not always be held resonsible for their members actions once off the team.

just take a look back at the toronto leaf's rookie who had nude pics of himself on the net that surfaced.

hahaha^ the larfs?

*puts sexist hat on. . .

Anyway, attention whoring clad women is kind of the norm.

*takes sexist hat off.

Catchy title spidey.

I guess since they're ex-cheerleaders who cares ?

The only purpose cheerleaders at pro football games serve is for something for men to ogle in between plays. That’s all. They are basically strippers, except they don’t get naked. Seriously, have you ever heard a guy in the crowd commenting on “that cheerleader’s athleticism”, or her “sparkling personality”?

Call me a chauvenist or a sexist if you will, but I am simply stating the truth.

Dena Clark, former Blue Lightning cheerleader and current coach/choreographer cares.

"I am also in a position to help redefine the stereotype that is currently out there about cheerleaders. The young women on our team commit thousands of hours in a season, don’t get paid, and more often than not do not get credit for amount of work they do. I take my job very seriously and look forward to the challenge of helping the general public see these women as the multi-talented group they are instead of a series of body parts on display."

If Ms. Clark's true blue to her word, she'll consider my idea of adopting an acrobatic theme for next year's programme and introducing men and animals, along with Buzz and Boomer for next year. While the Blue Lightning don't get paid, I'm sure an authorized (or unauthorized version) 2009 photo calendar would bring in more than enough money to create any kind of programme Dena wants :wink:.

Dena Clark, who has a BA in Religious studies, has a fertility cult on her hands whether she likes it or not, with 1222 views and counting in the last 18 hours. The Bombers have never generated those kind of numbers on this forum; I don't believe any post on this site ever has.

If the Bombers don't ride Doug Berry out of town on a rail and turn things around, they won't be the star attraction when Calgary comes to town--the Blue Lightning will.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Just not in Saskatchewan. Right.


Almost 1500 views in a 24 hour period--that's gotta be a record! I'd like the Mods to verify this if they can. A thread like this deserves an award, like a few tickets for me and my Bomber buddies on the sidelines where we can cheer for the Blue Lightning. That's a team we can get behind! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

After all, this thread was the only onsite news coverage of the biggest CFL story this year so far. None of the namby-pamby journalists at CFL.ca had the cahones to cover this important story. Almost 1500 viewers can't be wrong.

Looks like Dena Clark had to resign after she appeared in one of the pictures. Hard to take the moral high road when you're tugging on another girls thong.

Is that really true? I thought Dena was just in the picture. Upload it if is how you say. If so, talk about scraping egg off her face!

Like I said, public photographs show people at their best or their worst.

More Blue Lightning - they're the only team that will be worth watching when Montreal comes to town to carve up our secondary again.

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The only thing we'll have to cheer about until next year. I say that as long as Berry's here, we'll finish the season at 5-13 or 6-12.