Ex CFL'ers chasing NFL $$$

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How much former CFL players are getting paid in the NFL
Posted on March 11, 2017 by John Hodge // 1 Comment

[i]The NFL calendar rolled over on March 9, finalizing all player signings made ahead of the 2017 regular season. As such, the figures of all NFL contracts signed by former CFL players this off-season are now public knowledge.

The most important figure in these deals is the signing bonus (or “guaranteed money?) included in each contract. Like in the CFL, signing bonuses count against the salary cap in the NFL even if the player in question is cut. As a general rule of thumb, players with higher signing bonuses are more likely to make their respective clubs when final cuts are made in early September.

The largest signing bonus ever paid out to a CFL player making the jump to the NFL was given to Cameron Wake by the Miami Dolphins in January of 2009, a four-year deal that included $1-million guaranteed.[/i]

All contract figures courtesy of Over The Cap.

DE/OLB Alex Bazzie — B.C. Lions/Indianapolis Colts

3 years, $550,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

LB Adam Bighill — B.C. Lions/New Orleans Saints

3 years, $550,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

DB Otha Foster — Saskatchewan Roughriders/Baltimore Ravens

1 year, $465,000 salary, $0 guaranteed

DB Anthony Gaitor — B.C. Lions/New Orleans Saints

1 year, $615,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

DB Forrest Hightower — Ottawa Redblacks/New Orleans Saints

3 years, $550,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

LB Jeff Knox Jr. — Saskatchewan Roughriders/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3 years, $550,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

LB Deon Lacey — Edmonton Eskimos/Miami Dolphins

3 years, $621,000 average salary, $200,000 guaranteed

P Richie Leone — B.C. Lions/Arizona Cardinals

3 years, $550,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

LB Boseko Lokombo — B.C. Lions/Baltimore Ravens

3 years, $550,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

KR Quincy McDuffie — Winnipeg Blue Bombers/Dallas Cowboys

2 years, $510,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

DB Jeff Richards — Ottawa Redblacks/Carolina Panthers

3 years, $550,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

WR Derel Walker — Edmonton Eskimos/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2 years, $560,000 average salary, $100,000 guaranteed

DB Mitchell White — Ottawa Redblacks/Philadelphia Eagles

2 years, $529,000 average salary, $17,500 guaranteed

OL Greg Van Roten — Toronto Argonauts/Jacksonville Jaguars

2 years, $660,000 average salary, $0 guaranteed

You can't blame them for seeking the NFL money they would all be the highest paid players here (CFL) even if it's not guaranteed . Looks good that we are finding more guys that get a chance even if it's short lived . The career is so short in football . Good find Grover .

More to life than football. I'd rather play in a league where I could have fun than where there's a lot of BS in the NFL

I am really surprised that Bo Levi Mitchell hasn't gone for his NFL shot yet. Hard to believe he hasn't at least been scouted by NFL personnel, given the shortage of quality QBs down south among some of the lower echelon teams (and even back-ups on some of the better teams).

With a potentially huge payday he'd be looking at, not to mention it was probably his dream growing up - it's a real surprise his ambitions haven't taken him south.

where every hit could be your last, get paid.

LOL - I'm sure they have a lot of fun playing in Canada for $50k a year, sharing an apartment with a few other players.
They can have a lot more fun playing for US$550k or C$750k, where your sport is the number one league and the fans come out is droves and you get great coverage and recognition.

Absolutely but that might work both ways a bit. The $0 guaranteed would scare me. Does that mean no signing bonus? I would have thought there'd be at least a token one. Otherwise you stand the chance of having no income until training camp and if something happens then and you're cut, you've missed half the CFL season and would only get paid there accordingly, assuming you can even find a spot.

So I don't know. I guess you have to weigh low risk/low reward vs high risk/high reward. And these guys wouldn't be where they are now without a healthy dose of confidence in their abilities.

Yeah, that’s right, no signing bonus for most of those guys. Only Lacey and Walker got bonuses that would equate to a year’s salary here. This is a great article because I didn’t realize how common it was for players not to receive any guaranteed money. For guys like Bo Levi Mitchell, I can see why he wouldn’t want to gamble and head down there when he’s starting a family in Canada. When you head south, there’s no guarantee that a job will be here when you get back.

Only the stars get that. What about those who grind away on special teams? Or barely see the field?

Rather play or do nothing?

Those guys that never play still make at least 5 times their CFL salary. Don't blame anyone for going down there.

yup. 5k a week on the PR at a much stronger dollar. If you manage to get on the gameday roster a couple times in a year you will make more than in the CFL as a premier player.

Bo IMO is to small and he is a hero up here and making good cash. He could go for some more money and sit on the bench, But he wants to play.

Mitchell has stated many times that he is happy in Calgary, enjoys the Canadian Game and is not interested in pursuing the NFL. Could that change ... sure, but he has a good income from the Stamps, plus an off season job. He has endorsement deals/appearance fees (although I am not sure what all that brings him in) and he now has a family here in Calgary (His daughter was born two weeks ago or so). If I had to guess, Bo is probably pulling down close to $1 million/year when you include his outside income. Sure he could make more in the NFL, but he seems to be looking for a more stable environment where he can provide for his family.

Just my observations. So take them or leave them, whatever.


I wish more players would say that...

I have actually had the privilege of meeting him on several occasions (He is my grandson's favorite player) and have even had a few occasions to have short conversations with him. During one of those conversation I shook his hand and thanked him for not taking off to the NFL and for signing with the Stamps "long term". He actually told me then that he felt at home in Calgary and it reminded him a lot of growing up in Texas. Brief additional pleasantries and I went about my way.

Again, could he go? ... debatable ... sure! Will he go? That remains to be seen. Much like Huff and Dickenson - they have set roots in this community and aren't going anywhere (Huff added his son to the staff last year ... brings his grandchildren closer to him ... I would guess ... and since he is a talent scout with NFL ties, he actually can contribute to the team). I think that they may have discussed "quality of life" with Bo, so that he can consider ALL his options and the future that he is making for himself and for his family.

Again ... just my opinion. Take it or leave it.


You can have a lot of fun with $550,000 US