Ex-CFLer Wake...

...is causing serious problems for the Raiders' right tackle Kalif Barnes. He's forced two holding calls and nullified two big first downs for the Raiders.

Glad I finally have a chance to see him play, but man he is really dominating out there. 13-0 fish at the half.

Can add a second half sack to Wake's stats. He's making the Raider defense look terrible.

I believe he was also a pro-bowler last season.

Very nice to see his continued success.

He's good for sure and since he played here, well that does make him a bit special like others as well. :thup:

Cameron is one of thse rare special players who come around once every 20 years and can excel and dominate at the Canadian game as well as the American game.

although I believe he played DT in Canada and is more utilized at LB in the NFL revealing that the man is a true athlete and extremely quick.
He also ran 4.5 40yd in combines. amazing.

Nope he played DE in BC. And while he plays LB in the NFL, it is not a true LB, he is more a pass rushing LB, very similar to a DE.
Definitely a rare specimen, amazing athlete.