Ex-CFLer charged with attempted murder

Ex Cfl Defensive tackle Paul Scrivener has been charged with attempted murder.


woah, :expressionless:

We Canadians like to think of our selves as happy going peace loving people but after that Winnipeg bus thing last week...... I'm concerned for my safety on normally safe ground! I pride myself on the fact that I can walk out my door at any time or place and not worry about my safety! I hope 2 god that it's not going to change!

The Bombers could use a touch of Windigo right now. I wonder if the Bombers could spring Scrivener in time for the Hamilton game this Thursday.

This is Winnipeg...We'll take anybody who can help our club to win at this point of the season.

winnipeg will sign any thug they can find, they even gave a chance to turd onterrio smith.

Really ?? That makes a difference for you, even when it could have happened anywhere, in any venue, by any race, to anyone?? It won't change my life one iota, and I take the train (similar security to a bus) all the time. Feel free to live under a rock. I won't.