Ex-CFL all-star Lawrence Phillips now murder suspect

Lawrence Phillips, the former CFL all-star RB and NFL first rounder who is currently serving a 31 year sentence for sex assaults, attempted murders, battery, domestic abuses etc is now a primary suspect in the murder of his cellmate.

this guy is rotten to the core.

[u]Ex-NFL RB Lawrence Phillips suspected of killing cellmate[/u]

[b]FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips is suspected of killing his cellmate in a Central California prison, officials said Monday.

Phillips' cellmate at Kern Valley State Prison was found lifeless early Saturday and later pronounced dead, prison spokesman Lt. Marshall Denning said in a statement.

Phillips, 39, was once one of the nation's top college football players at Nebraska. He played for the St. Louis Rams, until being release in 1997 for insubordination. He also played for the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers.

Phillips is serving a sentence of more than 31 years. He was convicted of twice choking his girlfriend in 2005 in San Diego and later that year of driving his car into three teens after a pickup football game in Los Angeles. It wasn't clear if Phillips has an attorney.

[url=http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2015/04/13/ex-nfl-running-back-lawrence-phillips-suspected-of-killing-cellmate-in-california-prison/25741589/]http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nf ... /25741589/[/url]

The guy endedc Steve Youngs career by purposely forgetting to block... How in heck did we ever allow him into our country in the first place?... Mike Pringle was sent packing because of this guy....

" purposely forgetting to block?" Hadn't heard that before and I'm a big 49er fan. Bill Walsh brought this guy in to the 49er fold and was proud of it when he had a good game or two. Just shows winning is everything, sadly. Same with Adrian Peterson, the guy is a child abuser...should be out of football.

If Adrien Peterson was raised in Canada I would agree 100%.. However, he was raised in the US where corporal punishment is just not legal(but also a part of their culture still) Not no mention the switch is a part of black culture..
A few years ago Canada Customs let Tony Washington into Canada despite the fact he is a convictewd sex offender.. Washington is still with the Esks, as far as I know, and was basicly let into Canada because of Mens Rea. (lack of a guilty mind)
Basicly in his ghetto where he grew up, having sex with your sister is completely normal and he honestly did not know that he was breaking the law when he engaged in consenual sex with his sister.
Peterson, honestly did not believe he broke the law by using the switch, he obviously knew he went too far however, and the text he sent to his ex admitting as much, is what did him in.
A case could easily be made for Mike Vick as well. He was participating in a black culture sport.. Nobody arrests the cowboys at the Calgary Stampede, because the white people decide what sports that are cruel to animals, are legal or not...
Taking a scared baby calf and violently lasoing it, and then slamming it to the ground or twisting its head until it hits the ground is animal abuse in my book... The chuckwagon races kill horses every year....
Because Peterson is black and because he lives in the USA.. I honestly give him a pass.

Maybe I should be more specific... Because Peterson grew up in a black sub culture that tolerates and even encourages the use of switches, then I believe he should get a pass.. If Peterson had grown up in Mathattan or Berkley,then this would not be the case IMO. Its not the colour of his skin, but the culture he grew up in...
My friend Mui from Vietnam had social services at her brothers house... Her brother's kid went to school and reported that his dad had beaten the bottom of his feet with a stick.. This is a common practice in Vietnam BTW.. He was told under nouncertain ternms to never do it again, and was actually told that only his lack of understanding of Canadian laws is what was keeping his child from being aprehended.. He was givin a pass, because he honestly did not know he was breaking the law... AKA lack of Mens Rea

Philips should never have been allowed in this country... I am comforable letting this guy in though

[url=http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?page=Mag15unforgiven]http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/stor ... unforgiven[/url]

I mostly agree with Bungle about the need to take culture and race into account (though not with Phillips, obviously). The cowboy analogy is well-taken.

Race and culture? The law is the law fellas. That's like saying it's OK for a white member of the upper class to discriminate against a minority because its their culture to do so, or for men to discriminate/say sexist things against a women because that's their nature.

Continuing with the topic of pissing away a potential great life...

FALL RIVER, Mass. -- Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison Wednesday in a deadly late-night shooting, sealing the downfall of an athlete who once had a $40 million contract and a standout career ahead of him.

Hernandez, 25, looked to his right, pursed his lips and sat down after the jury forewoman pronounced him guilty in the slaying of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old landscaper and amateur weekend football player who was dating the sister of Hernandez's fiancee. The conviction carried a mandatory sentence of life without parole and automatically triggers an appeal to Massachusetts' highest court.

Hernandez's mother, Terri, and his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, cried and gasped when they heard the verdict, and Lloyd's mother also cried. Jenkins wept loudly on his mother's shoulder. Hernandez, his eyes red, mouthed to them: "Be strong. Be strong."

The former football pro was also found guilty on weapons charges. The jury deliberated for 36 hours over seven days before rendering its verdict.

For reasons that were never made clear to the jury, Lloyd was shot six times in the middle of the night on June 17, 2013, in a deserted industrial park near Hernandez's home in North Attleborough.

Police almost immediately zeroed in on Hernandez because they found in Lloyd's pocket the key to a car the NFL player had rented. Within hours of Hernandez's arrest, the Patriots cut the former Pro Bowl athlete, who was considered one of the top tight ends in the game.

Prosecutors presented a wealth of evidence that Hernandez was with Lloyd at the time he was killed, including home security video from Hernandez's mansion, witness testimony and cellphone records that tracked Lloyd's movements.

Hernandez's lawyer, James Sultan, acknowledged for the first time during closing arguments that Hernandez was there when Lloyd was killed.

But the attorney pinned the shooting on two of Hernandez's friends, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, saying his client was a "23-year-old kid" who witnessed a shocking crime and didn't know what to do. Wallace and Ortiz will stand trial later.

Prosecutors have suggested Lloyd may have been killed because he knew too much about Hernandez's alleged involvement in a deadly 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston. But they were not allowed to tell the jury that because the judge said it was speculation.

As a result, they never offered a motive beyond saying Hernandez appeared angry with Lloyd at a nightclub two nights before the killing.

Hernandez faces further legal trouble: He is awaiting trial on murder charges in the drive-by shooting. He is accused of gunning down two men over a spilled drink at a nightclub.

In the Lloyd killing, the defense argued that investigators fixated on Hernandez because of his celebrity and conducted a shoddy investigation in their zeal to confirm their suspicions.

Prosecutors said Hernandez organized the killing, summoned his two friends to help carry it out and drove Lloyd and the others to the secluded spot in the industrial park. During closing arguments, prosecutors also accused Hernandez of pulling the trigger, though under the law it was not necessary to prove who fired the shots to convict him.

Security video from inside Hernandez's home showed him holding what appeared to be a gun less than 10 minutes after Lloyd was killed. The surveillance system also captured Hernandez, Wallace and Ortiz relaxing at his home hours after Lloyd was shot, hanging out in the basement "man cave," lounging by the pool and cuddling Hernandez's baby daughter.

Hernandez, a native of Bristol, Connecticut, was an All-American out of the University of Florida who was drafted by the Patriots in the fourth round in 2010.

...says the almost certainly white guy who has no idea how the law functions one way for white people and another for black people, in the US and in Canada...

Please enlighten us... What laws do the different races and cultures have to follow?

well for one... Canada has for years recognized tribal courts for aboriginal people. Using the white man's form of punishment has been shown to be more destructive than corrrective for aboriginal people.. More traditional ways have proven much more effective.

That's your great example? Lol. so what laws are discrminating?