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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 - 12:00PM

By Rod Pedersen,

Their Roughriders may be on a two-game slide but the eight former Hamilton Tiger-Cats now in Saskatchewan still feel like they're in paradise.

The number of former Ticats making a contribution as starters for the Green and White in 2007 is astounding and they include SB D.J. Flick (spent 2004-06 in Hamilton), G Wayne Smith (2004-06), CB Airabin Justin (2004-06) and K Jamie Boreham (2004-06). Throw in receivers coach Paul LaPolice (2004-05), returners Tad Kornegay (2007) and Corey Holmes (2006-07) and DB Scott Gordon (2006) and you could stage a Hamilton alumni game at Regina's Mosaic Stadium.

However, as far as this group of players is concerned, that was another lifetime ago.

"I don't think about that place, not one bit," said Flick, who leads the Riders in touchdowns. "I left and all my feelings are aside. I'm a Roughrider now and I'm happy to be here."

He didn't stop there.

"I watch every single game Hamilton plays and I hope they lose every one of them. I feel bad for the fans in Hamilton but as for the organization, no. I'm a Roughrider now and I love it."

Flick and Wayne Smith came over in an off-season trade which landed quarterback Rocky Butler in Steeltown. It's a trade Rider GM Eric Tillman would undoubtedly make again.

"D.J. and Wayne have been very good additions," said Tillman. "By moving D.J. to the slot, Kent (Austin) is utilizing his speed much better, via the motion rule; I think the wisdom of that move has been obvious to all. Wayne had some early season back issues, but he's been playing very solid football the last six weeks or so. Like D.J., he's a character guy who cares about winning."

Jamie Boreham steered clear of any comments about his former team.

"I'm just really grateful for being in Saskatchewan," said the CFL kickoff-leader. "There's so much preparation we do every week that I don't really have time to think about Hamilton. There's no point reminiscing. This is a great team, great fans, great city. I can't say enough."

Although this group of players were on a losing team, it's clear they aren't losers. Their efforts helped the Riders earn the CFL's best record for much of this season.

"In the secondary, Airiban is a smart young man, who has played pretty consistently for us," explained Tillman. "Airiban lacks great speed, but he's smart. And, I suspect we'll see the late addition, Tad Kornegay, get more playing over the next several weeks. Tad can really run and we need his speed in the secondary."

The Roughriders and Tiger-Cats will meet twice in the second-half of the 2007 schedule.

It doesn't sound like there will be many stories about the good ol' days around the campfire.

Rod Pedersen is the Voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Regina correspondent on The Score. Check out his daily blog at www.rodpedersen.com.

(The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily of the Canadian Football League

Marcel, please attach this article to your resume.

Enjoy the barn dances out there, DJ! You weren't worth the cash Tillman is paying you (that will become more apparent when you become the invisible man in the playoffs, when it really counts).

And Brock Ralph IS worth the cash?? Thats laughable...

Whatever DJ, we may not have a good football team, but at least we dont date our cousins and play the banjo.....JK, LOL, Im sorry we lost all of these players ...except Boreham

If that article is true and I have no reason to believe its not then DJ has no class at all. and for any ticat fan to defend him can head west with him. Don't stick up for him. He didn't help us win when he was here and don't really care too much about the work he did in the community either. Screw any ex ticat. I could care less infact I hope one of our guys ends your career!


dj took a shot at the organization who traded him. maybe he has a right to be bitter.

as for a player who doesn't help us win, i guess the whole current team should be shipped out too.

<----------not interested in heading west.

I think mass fan is more interested in heading east.
Seriously tho D.J this hurts a lil bit

Smokescreen...he wanted out of Hamilton and accepted less to go to Saskatchewan. He can score another 10 touchdowns this year but Hamilton will win a Grey Cup before he will! What a coincidence, I don't think about him either.

You're saying that everyone in Saskatchewan dates their cousins and plays the banjos?

Dude, that's a complete lie!!

... Not everyone in Saskatchewan can play the banjo. :wink:

(Props to Westwood)

think its a standard line of DJ's... sounds familiar from 2004.... when he was saying the same thing about Ottawa...

i really don't care what he says, he's just pandering to his new fans, just like he was three years ago here.

This Proves how Class DJ has become ..
Good Riddance to bad Rubbish..
If he had any class he would have said Nothing .
He would Do his Job and Shut the Hell up.
Instead He Flips off The Tiger-cats with Glib remarks.

I am sorry your so bitter DJ
I hope it Eats your soul
That's all Betterness dose.

I am Glad he is not Ticat now .
I Rather Take the Guys we have now
They Will get Better
They want to be here
They win us a Grey Cup within 3 Seasons.

In the Past 2 Seasons DJ Wanted out
He was just here for a Fat pay Cheque.
His Effort was awful
Frankly We should have traded or cut his butt sooner.

He wanted out
He got his wish .
We may not beat them this year.
But next year We will get our Revenge..

so Enjoy it now DJ
cause it won't last for ever

Nothing Ever Dose.

He paid the fans a compliment and took a shot at the same front office we've all been bashing since the move. Did anyone ever think that maybe he is unhappy with the treatment he was given upon his departure and MAYBE he's taking the same type of shot at Marcel Desjardins that we do every week because of the comments "DJ wasnt going to make this team anyways" and "Import receivers are the easiest players to replace?"

Talk about pot and kettle... its ok for all of the threads to light up this website insulting Marcel and Charlie for player moves but when a former player expresses his discontent with the organization he's classless?

Then Take
a Shot at Marcel Directly and not at team in General.
I agree Marcell has made a ton of bad moves.
But taking Shot at the team is pitiful Crash.

I expected more From DJ.
You don't See any other Former Ticats Doing this .
If there are then they not saying it to media
He just Being Bitter when has no reason to be now.
He on a winning Football so He should up and play.

The hell with his Bitterness Toward Hamilton Management

Athletes get blasted whenever they do give an honest quote from time-to-time. That's why they mostly utter clichés.

Would you all be happier if he lied and said, "It's too bad about Hamilton. It's a well-run organization, they've got a great team and I really hope they do well."

In light of the repugnant on-field product unleashed in the Undertaker Era, who wouldn't be glad to be playing for a first-place team?

Hopefully Charlie gets that article blown up extra large and sticks in on the door of Cody's locker before we play Sask.

And I'm pretty sure they all take banjo in school, up to grade 6 anyway... :wink:

I think we have battered wife syndrome.....we can bash our team all we want but if someone from the outside does we turn on them.....look DJ is just speaking his mind. i find it refreshing. i dont want to hear cliches and politically correct statements. we have a bunch of hypocrits here. he was asked a question and he answered it honestly....how would you feel if you were exiled to sask. lol. 1st place yeah but sask. hes probably pretty bitter. i dont blame him anyone that has played under this organization for the past 4-5 years has to be miserable.

Apparently... DJ = NFC

I wasn't aware of that.

Agree or disagree with what these athletes said, but all they did was answer a question that was put to them. It's not like they called a press conference to trash the Cats.

Who doesn't prefer an honest answer to the cliches (or silence) that we normally get?

An Argo-Cat fan