Ex Als Instramental in BC Win

BC roared to a win in today's effort for the East final Grey champs and some ex Als played a part in that victory. Haji - Rasouly has developed into a good offensive lineman for the Lions. He and Oneil Wilson, Ian Smart and Baron Miles have all been instramental in the positive fate of the BC Lions. Al of these guys were former Alouettes who were lost to free agency or were traded or cut from the team. O'Neil Wilson is the 4th receiver for the Lions- he is a competent receiver who runs hard and fast routes. I was suprised when the Als let him go a few seasons back as I thought he was a good receiver, especially the season of greatest failure for the Als. He is a better Canadian receiver than our two D's and, would have made a better contribution to todays Alouette team- with better stats than the two D's combined! Barron Miles left through free agency and has been a star in BC. He is the best safety blitz at QB sacks in the CFL. Ian Smart was good in running back kicks in today's game and, Haji - Rasouly continues his steady play. Al of these guys would heve contributed to our team today if they has stayed in Montreal.

Dave Stala made a superlative catch today for a TD. I remember Stala making an outstanding catch in beating BC in the last second of a game a couple of years back. I still believe the Als management were very stupid this year by not giving Stala an opportunity to play for the team. This has to be compared to the stupidty of the Als when they traded Sam Etcheverry and Hal Patterson to Hamilton. I guess all teams would have been better if........

Disagree. Danny Desriveaux is going to be a better receiver than Wilson when his number is called. I love his desire, his concentration and his willingness to stand in there and make the catch, even when he knows the d-back is moving in and about to clean his clock.

Danny is fearless has great hands and smart as a whip, what's not to like. It will be interesting to see what he does if Ben comes back next year.

For me it is always nice to see guys do well after they leave. Claybrooks had a big game today so did Stala. :thup:

I'm happy to see Dave rebound in Hamilton, but our hands were tied. I believe the team had made him an offer at a reduced salary to be a backup, but he quite understandably took the money and went to Hamilton instead for a chance to resuscitate his career. What else could we have done? The guy hadn't played a full season for us since, what, 2005? How could Popp justify spending cap on a starter's salary when we had no way of knowing whether Stala would be healthy enough to compete through an 18-game season?

IMO it was just one of those situations where it made sense for both the team and the player to go in a different direction.

We tend to magnify our own mistakes, but these things happen all the time. You think Calgary isn't reconsidering their decision to cut Keron Williams? What about the Riders letting Jamel Richardson get to free agency? :lol: