Ex-Alouettes On Playoff Teams

Trying to figure out if I should root for anyone this weekend led me to make this list of ex-Als still in playoff contention. I`ve included players on the Injured List.


Angus Reid
Keron Williams
Davis Sanchez


Donovan Alexander
Jason Armstead
Mathieu Bertrand
Damon Duval
T.J. Hill
Dylan Steenbergen
Aaron Fiacconi


Terrence Edwards
Clint Kent
Mike Renaud


Ivan Brown
Avon Cobourne
Kyle Jones
Luc Mullinder
Dave Stala
Glenn MacKay

The only one we could have really used last season would have been Keron Williams.

…Think you missed the biggest ex-Al. of all…We love Tim Burke in the Peg…Kent and Edwards :thup: …Mike Renaud…not so much…He’s had a bad year after one really good one :roll: …Would like to add another in the off-season…get your cheque book out for Bourke :wink:

We probably didnt appreciate Burke as much as we should have while he was here. Our new Tim certainly hasnt impressed, but I guess we have to cut him some slack with all the DB injuries.

As for Bourke, I certainly thought he was a free agent, but when the local press recently listed our potential free agents, his name was not mentioned. Herb in The Gazette certainly would have brought his name up. So he possibly has signed an extension somewhere along the line.