Evil Ted Rogers

Ted Rogers (Rogers Communications)is planning to bring in the Bills to play two games at the Rogers Centre.This will drain off money from the Argos and build more fan interest in the Nfl.The CFL hardly needs this.He further plans, if the Bills are for sale, to try to bring them to To.If successful ,this would spell doom for the CFL.The CFL fans across Canada should blitz Rogers with emails of protest and maybe encourage a boycott of their products.

Now if Teddy would just move to Buffalo and keep the Bills in the Buff now I could go for that, and take Godfreek with him.

Don't worry the Bills are going nowhere..Bills ownership want a new stadium, by having a couple of games in hogtown they try to improve their barganing position by implying a possible new location for the team if talks with the city don't go their way...

I don't think bringing the Bills to Toronto for a couple of games is going to hurt the Argos all that much.

I think people get confused sometimes and think that football fans are only CFL fans OR only NFL fans. But from my experience most football fans in Canada just like to watch football. They'll follow both the CFL AND the NFL. Sure there's some that only like one brand or the other, and that's fine, but lots of people are like me, they just like football. The more the merrier.

Personally I've got a favourite CFL team, I've got a favourite NFL team, I have a favourite NCAA team and a favourite CIS team. I can follow more than one league at a time.

...and I guess you can walk and chew gum at the same too, eh?

Seriously, good post. I was that way for many years too, had my favourite CFL team and my favourite NFL team, and watched both religiously. I've mellowed, and no longer follow the NFL, but don't begrudge those that still do.

Anyway, I have heard that if the Bills do play a regular season game in Toronto, it will be after the CFL season is over, so that lessens any negative impact it may have.

There are worse problems in the world for me to worry about other than the NFL coming to Canada.

Ted sold his soul and now the Devil is looking for his payback.

Ted is doing ok these days, profits up big-time. I'll take his soul, just a bit, that's all I need, tiny wee bit. :wink:


The greed for more money is what is evil! I cant blame ted roger to want to make a billion dollars a game for the city of toronto. But deeper it runs into his own selfish nfl connections he wishes for! Something not much have at all!

What's the old saying: the more you make, the more you want. Something like that anyways. :wink:

It’s only partly about the money. These guys (Rogers, Godfrey, Tannenbaum, et al), all of them have huge egos. They want to join the big boys at the NFL table. For them, its about status, prestige, power, control.

I don’t think for a moment that they care at all about the CFL, community, heritage, institutions, history.

An Argo-Cat fan

PC45: Great assessment of Canadian football fans.Thats about where I fit in...other than an emotional attachment to the Tiger-Cats that began when I was in high shool there.

Yup barney, I'm sure you're right. I think my social science tendencies and upbringing unfortunately haven't done much for my bottom line in financial terms. Oh well, those of us still paying off our mortgage and bascially living paycheque to paycheque don't have to worry about what to do with our stash of cash so we can spend some time on community, heritage, institutions, history etc. like you say.
Have to put a positive spin on our lives, eh? :expressionless:

Well written. I agree. Further, it seems an inferiority complex causes some CFL fans to shoot down other sports/leagues. I love the CFL.I love the NFL as well. As long as the CFL positions itself in association with the NFL i don’t see it as a problem (2 games a year -have the regular season game in December)

I’ll never feel the same attachment to an NFL team as I do with CFL teams. I think alot of fans feel this way.

Agree, some people like to paint fans in one corner only and in reality, it's not the case much of the time. Not a black and white type of thing really.

If the NFL came to Toronto most of the sponcers from the ticats and the argos will jump ship to the big ship called the NFL. Sponcers want to feel important not bush league!

ever since this talk started i noticed the argos attendance actually went up the other week to a record high of around 41000 somthing?? just a point...dont know if it is revelant.