Evil Incarnate vs. Sweetness & Light Game Thread, June 13

Argonauts at Tiger-Cats (TSN)
Wednesday, June 13 at 7pm et/4pm et


It being the preseason and all, I decided to tee up tonight's game in case BYF forgets to do so. Tonight's game against Toronto is on TSN. Hope to see some of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


I should be on here while watching the game. And I've got the PVR set to record the game in case I'm late or get pulled away for some reason.

It's finally here (even if it is still pre-season). Let's see how those rookies and other new players fare. Do we have another CW or BG in this bunch?

Tigers! Eat 'em raw!

I am particularly interested in how the DE battles shape up.

Oski Wee Wee,



football is upon us!!!


Hope to see you here at 7!

Boy am I ready for some football, last game I watched with one of my teams in it I almost threw up (Lee Evans dropped pass, Bill Cundiff missed field-goal…not to mention the Cats abyssal performance in the EDF) So a fresh start is just what i need for my football mind :smiley: Road to the 100th Grey Cup starts tonight, lets establish that the road to the Grey Cup will go through the Hammer this year! I want to see a convincing win!

Looks like we are rocking the white unis tonight

[url=http://twitter.com/Ticats/status/213035352087207936/photo/1]http://twitter.com/Ticats/status/213035 ... 36/photo/1[/url]

Hi all

Two and out for the bad guys.

Nice to see Fantuz in the right colours finally.

Porter starting the 1st quarter. And Chris Williams starting where he left off.

So nice to see the pigskin being chucked once again!!

2 and out for Blew.... then a stalled drive by the Tabbies

Good to see ya again Russ...

Who was the punter on that last play? Not very long, and not great hangtime either.

How many out of town fans here will make it back to Ivor Wynne this year for one last game?

Ray gets smoked, and almost picked

BAH... RTP crap!

The defense has look impressive those first two drives, questionable call on Crable but I love that were getting to Ray and we almost got two picks already...i think we had like 5 all last year :lol:

Walker is looking impressive thus far!! fast as lightning!

WTF!?!?!?! was that??

Man oh man is he quick, loving Walker right now


If anything, it would have been against Rose, as he drove Ray into Crable. Maybe late.

Walker looks amazing fast. And great moves. Was on pass block there, but didn't need to pick anyone up. Wait and see on that.

Now that was ugly.

Aaron Kelly has been in on both special team tackles and HOLY JJ brought the hammer on that one!

Ok, maybe they should have pulled that ad, after Depatie's close shave today.