Evil Incarnate vs. Larks Game Thread, Fri July 15, 7 pm TSN

Congrats to AC

Wow.. a UR penalty on the Als really sets the Blew team up to answer AC's record TD.... maybe the Als were pissed that Toronto challenged the TD.....lol

HTD time LOL

Can Lemon move them 14 yards? The drama!

Lemon squeezes by the pylon -- 7-7 tie

Pretty quick answer.....


Owens was smacked… holy S

HOLY SH.......

Some HUGE hits in this game so far.....lol

Parker rocked by Cope..

...ouch, was that Nik Lewis?

Can we put our kick return team out when we're on offence against Montreal, and just have the long snapper put it back to Thigpen or Williams?

They still can't cover kicks.

THROW THE BALL LEMON, hes so bad sometimes

I prefer to not encourage any Blue Team member. LOL :wink:

Pre hits the chipshot FG -- 10-7 T.O.

haha, i understand where your coming from, but its just so frustrating to watch as a football fan in general

Black... "Moving the sticks" does not refer to bringing them out to measure!

10-10 with the Whyte FG

On behalf of all fans able to catch the game on RDS, an oldie but a goodie!

:D :D :D

Whitaker is having a great game

Did the Blue Team go to Bo Smith Tackling School?

i don't think Montreal is missing Cobourne very much :expressionless: