Evil Incarnate at TwoColours GT, Sat. July 8, 7 pm et

Tried to find an article or something about his release in Hamilton but gave up, I do remember he was hurt a few times while with us.

Great story about his comeback though, I am glad he found his way back in the league he is fun to watch.

In other news we have life in this game, Argos all of a sudden up 13-12 and on the move after another trademark S.J Green "wtf" catch.

That pass interference call against Murray... Was the ball even catchable? Thought it landed out of bounds (or very close). Is that even a consideration anymore?

Apparently not, there was a challenge earlier (I think it was at least) and the ball was way out of bounds but they still called PI. I was thinking same thing on Murray play.

Short answer - He (Kavis) wasn't! :oops: At least if he wanted to trade him he could have found a suitor from the western division.

OTTRBs answer with a score of their own and looked like they were going to be on the move again but Harris is picked off by Gabriel. TD Posey -pending the outcome of the flag. Looks like the defenses have run out of steam so the offenses are now picking up steam!

What the hell did I just witness lmao?? That was the dumbest play I have ever seen, thought I had seen everything :lol: :lol: :lol:

OTTRBs shooting themselves in the foot and the bleu guys taking advantage here. BAD fumble by Sinopli leads to a FG - lucky Green bobbled the catch it it would have been a TD. :oops: :oops:
Evil with a 7 point advantage here - 3 minute warning coming up soon too.

Wow that is some crazy loophole they were looking to pull of there...clever but can't help but feel that is some strange gray area that should be fixed.

For those who missed it, it was 2nd and 20 deep in RedBlacks territory, so Harris tosses a screen to Sinopoli, he attempts to tap the ball off his foot almost like a rugby squibber, and the theory was if the ball passed the line of scrimmage and Sinpoli recovered it, then they would get a fresh set of downs because his little kick thing he tried would constitute a change in possession. I think I got that right...that's straight out of the Bill Bellichek playbook jesus.

Argos foiled there plan but if Sinopoli would have pulled off a better kick he easily could have recovered it.

Ellingson isn't human...I take back my comments from earlier this has turned out to be a great appetizer for the Cats game, crazy second half.

EDIT: annnnd TwoColours miss the extra point, things just get weirder.

You talking about the Sinopli fumble? And the GC champs wonder why they aren’t getting much respect!!

Ellingson with the TD to possibly tie it up - convert botched - bobbled snap. :roll:

Are you asking about the really short punt by Sinopoli? I just flipped back to it and saw the replay, but had the sound down. Let me guess, though. It was second or third and long? Remember, the rule states that any punt recovered after it crosses the line of scrimmage results in a first down. So, with little chance of actually making the first down on yards (assuming I’m right about the situation), it’s not that bad a gamble. Too bad it didn’t work.

Also, it looked to me like Sinopoli did touch the ball first, in which case, no yards should not have been called.

After a 1rst half as about exciting as watching paint dry this is turned out to be a pretty decent game in the 2nd half .
26-25 at the 3 minute warning after a botched extra pt attempt that let's the Argos keep a razor thin 1 pt lead .

Pretty much bang on, that was the description I got from Climie on the sidelines. They did call no yards by the way after having a conference to figure it all out.

Definitely a nail biter for the OTTRB fans. And Harris doesn't make the 3rd and 3 yardage.

Ball game, Argos storm back for another win and now take control of the East division. I tried to tell people the Argos weren't going to be that bad this year, the East is going to be the usual mediocre race to the finish with something like 10-8 taking it.

Or maybe not... Refs taking centre stage and killing all the buzz yet again, sigh.

16 second remain but is it enough for the OTTRBs to get it in FG range? Maher going to be asked to kick a REALLY long FG 59 yarder but he doesn't make it. Doubt anyone's going to blame him for missing from that distance.

What a great finish minus the refs being inept about the clock management at the end. The rule change to converts has added a whole new dynamic to this game of football, one of the most underrated changes they've made. Not complaining either I am huge fan, used to bug me so much that PAT were basically automatic points.

Now...lets go Cats! :cowboy:

Ottawa is way too dependent on miracles to win football games. Miracles don’t always come when you want them.

I always figured the Ticats should have tried that when we had Josh Bartel as our kicker. With his Aussie rules experience, he might just have been able to pull it off.

Yea good call, that's exactly where my mind went to aussie rules or rugby, it just caught me off guard so badly never seen a team attempt that and it was in a weird situation in the game, they basically handed the Argos a W.