Evil Incarnate at TwoColours GT, Sat. July 8, 7 pm et

Toronto Argonauts at Ottawa RedBlacks
Sat. July 8, 7 pm et

Ottawa will be loaded for bear after the narrow defeat in Calgary. Evil will look to rebound from being brought back to Earth by BC. I expect Ottawa to come out on top here. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hi folks!

Hi Russ - And I concur with what you said too! :smiley:

Got thinking earlier that if the OTRBs and Ticats win tonight then Hamilton should be in second place since they'll have a game in hand over the other division rivals.

AND the OTTRBs are giving Ricky Ray trouble already - not helped by a couple of blew team penalties!

Successful challenge leads to an OTTRB TD Trestman's blew guys are blowing it with penalties!

Nice suplex by a blew team player. Automatic penalty for that...

The blew guys are keeping the guys in the striped shirts busy throwing their orange hankies! :oops: 6 or 7 penalties already and it's not even the end of the first quarter!

They key to beating Ricky Ray is to keep him off the field. So far the OTTRBs are managing to do that pretty well.

The OTTRBs turn to keep the Zebras busy!

Thread should be named Evil Incarnate at Two Colours v.s the Zebras ... this is has been toughest game to watch so far for me this season, just not very entertaining.

Thought it would be more entertaining too. Instead it’s putting me to sleep! Ah well need a little nap so I can stay awake for the game that REALLY matters later! :wink:

Madu must have learned that hurdling move from CJ!

Lots of defense and TOO many penalties - story of this game thus far.

Ottawa is dominating, but only 11 points up at the moment.

Score is looking like the Blue Jays score last night. And here I was expecting a high scoring affair! :roll: Silly me! :wink:

Ricky with well under 200 yards of passing in the first half. No career night happening here for sure! Glad I didn't take any blew receivers in my fantasy!

Lol I unfortunately I had my nap before so I could watch both games...hopefully Austin has a better game plan than I put together tonight :lol:

But am I only one who curses Austin's name under my breath when I see Madu? He is one of those guys who we let go after having a ton of success with the team, was he injuried when we cut him though? Can't remember.

I also do the same with Ellingson, who was cut due to injuries for sure but still hurts.

Well that was a crazy play, I suppose that was fun to watch until they signaled touchdown for the Argos :stuck_out_tongue: That was a perfect display of the quality of game tonight.

Lucky bounce off the bad snap gives the blew guys a TD . When all else fails.... :wink: Looked like a game of hot potato there for a few seconds until Rico decided to nab it!

Madu was out of football and working as a chef to make ends meet in Ottawa. Good on him to make a comeback. IIRC, he was injured too often and AT THE TIME a healthy CJ out-performed him.

If the Ticats have any luck tonight, Scheuerman is going to make us forget ALL about Madu :rockin:

BIG TD for Green puts the evil up by one. :x Looks like they're having more luck running the ball. Another HUGE catch for Green.

With apologies to Red Green ,it’s the SJ Green Show in this quarter . Dude is unbelievable , still can’t believe that Kavis would trade him , let alone to an Eastern rival . Just what was he thinking ?