Evil Incarnate at TwoColours Game Thread, Fri Jul 18, 7pm et

Neat little run by Maher for the 1st D - Argos were NOT expecting that one! :smiley:

Now the OTTRBs receivers have to start catching the passes and hanging on to them. They are starting to look like the Bummers last night who were constantly missing passes! :oops:

Nice catch by Henry (16) - he must have seen my last comment :smiley:

Maher slices one in there. 6-4 Sens over Leafs.

:D :D

Well the Argos are not exactly blowing the OTTBs out of the park now are they.

Waters with the FG 7-6 Blue

Go Redblacks

I hate the Argos and Like Burris …

Campbell not gambling on 3rd and 7th - goes for the FG with the OTTRBs going ahead by 2 to end the half. As I mentioned before - not exactly a barn burner!

The Argo offense is pretty bad without Owens and Durie in there.

Coombs has a long way to go to become a Durie...he has butterfingers.

Hi folks…got my setup here working, so I should be posting more in the second half. :slight_smile:

In other words their backups are not up to the task!

Well the REDBLACKS offense isn't exactly lighting it up either with too many missed opportunities.

Same Problem all Teams are having 0-lines

Is anyone sick of that Wendys ad Yet I am

No Ricky the guys in the black and white stripes are not eligible receivers! :smiley: :smiley:

Uh-oh the "perfect" Ricky Ray threw a pick!! :oops: Way to go Ottawa!! :thup:

Will we finally see a TD scored in TD Place stadium??

Dwight Anderson with another stupid hit! I guess he doesn't know how to tackle properly!

Ray throws a pick and the RedBlacks D is basically told by Suitor "way to be lucky." LOL

Nope no TD just another FG to put the OTTRBs up 12-7

That scene with the guy stepping past the Prime Minister with a beer in his hand totally snubbing Harper to then shake Russ Jackson's hand had to be the most CFL thing EVER!

I guess they have just been "lucky" to sack Ricky a few times too - like just now! :roll:

Well who would want to shake hands with Harper?? :smiley: :smiley: