Evil Incarnate at TwoColours Game Thread, Fri Jul 18, 7pm et

Fri July 18
Toronto at Ottawa
7pm et /4pm pt

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=457391 << TSN.ca's preview article on tonight's historic game. Great to see Ottawa enjoy CFL football live again!

Oski Wee Wee,


Kinda torn here. Can't really cheer for the blew team, but don't really want to see the rouge et noir win and be even with or ahead of the Ticats in the eastern standings.

I do hope to see old clients and friends like Whit Tucker & Tony Gabriel & Moe Racine if they show some of the past Rough Rider greats that I'm sure will be in attendance.

Maybe a good showing from Ottawa for most of the game with Bad Hank making an appearance late throwing a pick six to lose. Then Toronto gets DQ'd for some obscure ratio/player rule and the win gets vacated!

I don't have a problem cheering for the OTTRBs - not when one considers the alternative. :twisted:

It would be good for Ottawa, and for their fans, who have waited a long time for the return of a CFL team, to have the win. You know the Argos will continue to cry about missing their starters :roll: and can always use that as an excuse for coming up short. On the other hand, they have been alternating between blowing out their opposition and being blown out and unfortunately for Ottawa this is a week when the Argos should be bouncing back if they maintain that pattern.

Regardless I just hope it is an entertaining and close game whoever ends up with the win. GO REDBLACKS!

Gooo Ottawa!!!,

There I said it!!

I figure it's better for Ottawa to win. That way, if Montreal loses too, we're no more than a game behind everyone in the East even if we lose to Calgary. A win tonight against Toronto also makes Ottawa a little less desperate next week when they play us.

OK - surprised there was not a 30 minute pre-game show on TSN or TSN2 considering this is Ottawa's return to the CFL opening a new stadium. With Cats - Stamps scheduled to start at 10 - and games dragging this year it is not like they are going to have lots of time for any kind of decent opening without delaying the game which then end up overlapping with the start of our game.

Disappointing TSN.

Wow does Russ Jackson look healthy.

I thought TSN did a very good with a fair bit of pre-game coverage during Sportscentre in the 6:00 hour. They had the panel, they had Naylor's piece, the had Duthie & Climie. Probably at least 20 minutes of content.

Did they not cover some of this in the pre-game show last night? I didn't see it because I was out, but got the impression that they were going to do some intro about Ottawa being back.

I do hope that they aren't going to yak about the Argo's "extensive"
injuries all night instead of focusing on the home team. :roll:

Oh lucky Ottawa - they got Proulx as a ref tonight! :smiley:

Not sure how it sounds on the field but it doesn't sound too noisy in the stands on TV. Fans need to be LOUD when the Argo's O is on the field. FG Blue.

I was disappointed. I flipped over a couple of times between 6:30 and 7:00 (my Mom was wanting to watch her CHCH news - lol) and any time I flipped over to TSN it wasn't football. Instead once game coverage started we got a 5 second glimpse of Tony Gabriel on tape with Duthie saying something about he got a great reception. I'm sure Russ Jackson probably got introduced to the crowd too and other former Ottawa players. I would have liked to have seen that.

Maher good on the FG try. Tie score 3-3. Not a barn burner yet but the OTTRBs did put together a decent drive.

BIG DROP by Johnson...wow!

Hands like Feet as Coach O likes to say!

Will say this for the OTTRBs - they have good punt coverage - Argos not gaining many return yds and I don't think it is just the absence of Owens

Right that would have been a sure TD. Definitely a missed opportunity there! :oops:

That'll cost Dwight about $5K.

Definitely a cheap shot but what else can you expect from Anderson :roll:

Horton just laid out Walker! Clean too! Wows a! Boom!