Evil Incarnate at Saskatchewan GT, Sun July 5, 3 pm et, TSN

Toronto Argonauts vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Sun 3PM ET / NOON PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The Double Blue roadshow continues in Regina as the Riders go with their Kevin Glenn insurance policy in the wake of Darian Durant's season-ending Achilles tendon injury. Evil will face a big test in the Sea of Green!

Oski Wee Wee,


Hi folks! It's 3-3 late in the first quarter.

The game is 3-3 after one quarter.

Elliott scores the TD for Evil -- 10-3 Them, early second quarter.

Had to pop out for a bit...the game is at the half and the Riders are ahead 17-10!

McCallum hits another FG -- 20-10 Green, third quarter.

20-11 Riders after a Toronto single, third quarter.

Sea of Green, I like that - Thanks Russ :thup:

The Riders score a rouge and later fumble close to midfield. It is 21-11 Riders after three quarters.

After a huge reception by Ryan Smith, Glenn throws a pick-six to Jefferson. 21-18 Saskatchewan now.

The Kevin Glenn we all know to well there :x :roll:

Looked a lit like Zach’s against the Stamps…when will QBs learn you can’t throw late into the flat?

Well you'd think that a vet like KG would certainly avoid that mistake. Riders have been killing themselves with penalties while the TO D was looking definitely like classic Creehan - can't stop the run and give up the big play.
That being said the Blew guys do have a chance here

And with a FG have tied things up

The game is tied...just under 3:00 left in regulation, 21-21.

The RIders drive it down and score the go-ahead TD -- 28-21 with 1:08 left.

Evil has tied the game after Saskatchewan really played soft coverage in the last minute...28-28 with OT looming.

Well, Evil has won 40-34 over Saskatchewan. The last minute drive by Toronto came back to haunt Green!

Oski Wee Wee,


42-40 Argo final in OT

Cheers to great game

Enjoyable game! Both teams right in it until the end of O/T.