Evil Incarnate at Pies Game Thread, Sat Aug 23 4 pm et

Break for the Blew to start the 2nd half as #28 picks off Nichols. Now can they do anything with it?

Bad pick thrown by Nichols to begin the second half. Evil has the ball in good field position.

Blew with less than 100 yds (64 passing + 30 rushing) in the first half!

Coming out with a bit more fire - Waters 2nd FG bumps the score to 13 Blew Still down 18 pts.

Blew with a third FG to bump their total to 16 and now marching down the field with better protection for Ray. Owens with the TD subject to review. That will give them 13 unanswered points. 31-22 EE.

Esks are asleep at the switch!

Owens just got crushed! Wow!

BIG fumble on the Toronto punt return recovered by JC Sheritt. Esks need to make it a two-possession game here.

DPI challenge by Chris Jones -- could be first-and-goal if it is upheld. It isn't so the Esks will try a FG. Shaw is good -- Esks up now 34-24.

Three-minute warning issued...Esks up by 10.

34-27 Esks after the Evil FG...1:35 left. Big run by Lawrence for the FD!

Another FD and the Esks can pretty much ice this...1:12 left, up by 7.

Backed up deep, Ray throws a pick-six...Esks will win!

41-27 Edmonton over Toronto, final.

Thanks for keeping the posts going Oski oui oui. My son (whom I haven't seen for almost three months) came in for a short visit as I made my last post and I didn't pay much attention to the last quarter except for the score and odd play. Nice to get an idea what I missed! :slight_smile: