Evil Incarnate at Nags, Sat. Sept. 21, 7:30 pm et

Sat September 21
Toronto at Calgary
7:30 pm et/ 4:30 pm pt

Go Stamps!

Oski Wee Wee,


After today's games our Cats should only be 2 points behind the Good Ship Lollypop. :smiley:



Here's hoping game two of today is of a similarly satisfying result! :wink:

I would very much like to see a horse galloping on the sidelines several times this evening. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Calgary wins!

Kickoff is now.


GO STAMPS GO!!!!.....THIS GAME :lol:NO STAMPS NO.....NEXT GAME!!!! :thup: :rockin: :slight_smile:

Amen to that!

Arthur just scored a TD :thup: :thup: to put the Stamps ahead of the upstart Boatmen. I hope they stay there ( in the lead)! Take that horsie for a ride!! :slight_smile:

And the horsie rides again!! Yeah Stamps!!! :thup:

Time for another horsie ride Yeah Stamps! 25-15!! :thup:

Poop Argos score !! BUT Taylor with a HUGE return!

Just got in and turned on the game. WHY is Calgary behind?????????????????????????????????????????????

Argo coaching..................................ect.

Argos have been beating them with the pass.
Hope Austin takes note for next week!

I can't say enough good things about Scott Milanovich.

No Ray, no Owens, no Kackert, yet he wins IN Saskatchewan and IN Calgary.

Unfortunately, the Argos are going to be good for a very long time if they can keep their head coach around.

Yes, well coached team and Collaros is reaping the benefits of this coaching.

I expect it would take a long, long, long look through the record books to come up with the last time a CFL team won three straight regular season games, all on the road, and all without their #1 QB. Gotta give credit where it's due to the G.C. champs' and their coaching staff.