Evil Incarnate at Nags Game Thread, Sat Sept 13, 7 pm et

Sat September 13
Toronto at Calgary

I expect Calgary to roll here. As per my practice, I will be rooting hard for Evil's opponent. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Let's go Nags.

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=461645 <<< TSN.ca's pregame preview article. :)

Edmonton did us a favour last night Calgary will help us out today and we'll take care of business tomorrow. 3way tie for first by 430pm

Nice start arhols

The Toronto fumble machine begins! Another opening kickoff on the carpet!

Paredes nails a FG -- 3-0 Ranchers.

Laban brasil fumbles the opening KO return and the nags get the ball...

Great start blows :lol:

Nags kick for posts and take a 3-0 lead after a 32 yard peredes

Andre durie in for the try,

7-3 blows :thdn:

I've restocked the beer fridge for the rod black drinking game

Make sure your liver transplant request is processed fairly soon. :wink:

:D :D :D

Haha. When the doctor asks why I need a new liver at a young age. I'm sure he will understand when I respond with Rod Black.

Wth Nags!!!!

The Devine Ricky ray looks on target early :roll:

There is a feeling of desperado here tonight.

I have faith they will find away to lose


Trent guy in for the try,

14-3 blows after the waters conversion :thdn:

A face even a mother would punch!

Still hoping for an arhols loss here but I guess it doesn't matter. MTL losing was important

Cornish runs well. He doesn't out run his blockers

Camera fail