Evil Incarnate at Leos Game Thread, July 4, 10pm, TSN

Hi folks!

The second half of the TSN doubleheader tonight pits the Hogtown Putrescence against BC. I will likely catch this game on my PVR in the next few days, so enjoy the thread and the game in my absence.

Oski Wee Wee,


Kind of scary for Hamilton's defence as the Argos were able to score at will last week against our listless defence .
I am guessing having Bighill and ELIMIMIAN in the middle is really stopping the running game of kackert

I see also that pass rush can stop the ALS potent offence and receivers .

Fixed it for ya!

To be considered a proper Canadian Football team you have to have a defense first, and Hamilton doesn't qualify.....


Looks like BC has this one,

24-9 for the home squad with 4 mins left in the fourth.

Hugh O'neill arguably has the most impressive beard in CFL history, who has had better one????

24-16 final puma concolors over the pelagic octopuses

Looks like no team in the East will go undetected this year. Mtl loses at home?

Well the Argo's lost the first game of the Braley Bowl last night to BC Lions, the two teams owned by the same owner David Braley I think that's a good name every time they play call it the Braley Bowl and especially with the two top teams who recently won the Grey Cup. I wonder if it would be possible in an eight team league soon to be nine if one owner could own every team? I always thought it was a rule you could only own one team or is this just an exception in the CFL?? I guess the problem in Toronto is that many people have lots of money but no one would be interested in local ownership, it's a guy from Hamilton who saves the day from two cities in the CFL???

Hamilton will destroy Edmonton, so the tabbies, at 1 - 1, should technically be in first cuz of point differential

Very different game than last week between these 2 teams. That Winnipeg defence looks pretty darn good.

Wander over from the other thread, did ya' Earl? :slight_smile:

That's okay. I didn't pay that much attention to these games either.

I wish I could be that confident. I'm nervous for Sunday's game.

Braley also saved the TiCats at one time. I believe some of the failed US leagues had a common ownership model - players signed contracts with the league, not a team, but that didn’t save those upstart leagues. There is NO universal “rule” prohibiting same owner for multiple teams in ANY pro-sports league. Each league is free to make its own franchise rules consistent with the applicable legislation regarding competition laws in each jurisdiction, so the CFL can’t be an exception to a rule that doesn’t exist externally from any particular league.

Hec Pothier had a pretty good one.

Who the heck was Hec?


See you in Guelph on Sunday!
The ticats store on Jarvis notes that the Guelph logo is on a bunch of new items for the opener.
Need a pack of cheerleader playing cards?

Oskee wee wee