Evil Incarnate at Leos Game Thread, Fri Sept 19, 9:30pm et

Fri September 19
Toronto at B.C.

Obviously a big game for both teams, especially for Evil as it seeks to rebound from the epic collapse last week at the hands of the Stamps. I will be rooting for BC as one can expect. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


More on tonight`s game can be found at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=462112 .

Oski Wee Wee,


Let’s go Leo’s. Crush those arholes

Nothing but dirty classless players on the Arholes defence

Seems that tugging on the back of a jersey IS pass interference :roll: - unless you're a Ticat of course! :roll:
Blew got called on it!

Looks like the Blew defense - or some of them - think they're playing volleyball! Oops Glenn just intercepted. :oops:

Hi folks!

Waters punt bounces into the end zone for a single point off the turnover. Catch the ball, Leos!

Waters hits a 53 yarder to add some points to the Blew score :x . Lions offense needs to get moving here!

Umm 2 and outs won't cut it Leos! :oops:

Nasty face mask pull by BC #43 - not the way to win the game here. Sack on Ray but grabbed around the neck for RTP and ANOTHER penalty. Looks like the so-called "best defense" needs to learn how to tackle! :roll:

Brazill with the TD for the Blew - assisted by about 25=30 yds in BC penalties! :oops: :x 10-0 Evil.

Leos FINALLY starting to move the ball - ok false alarm - sack and incompletion which was almost picked off. To add insult to injury McCallum misses the 45 yarder FG :oops: Leos on the board with a single.

Blew drive down the field at will and Owens with the TD gives them a 17 pt lead! :x

Arcenaux with the TD for the Leos FINALLY! :thup: 18-8 Evil

Start if the third - Owens slow to get up - Ray sacked. That's more like it Leos!
Now to get rid of the 2 and outs!

Slaton runs into the end zone untouched to add to the Blew score. Leos killing themselves with penalties! (Or they have a ref who is’t ignoring them unlike the BC/Hamilton game) :roll:

Start of the 4th nd BC with 126 yds in penalties - and counting!!! No wonder they are down by 19!! :oops: :roll:

Now, we MUST win tomorrow. The west is falling and the blue team is , hate to say
it, looking ok

Come on Lions!!

Mid way through the 4th the Leos FINALLY manage another TD to narrow the gap, :roll:
Blew respond with a FG. 33-16 just about 3 minute warning!
Looks like we don't get any help from the Leos in keeping the Blew at bay. Definitely need to beat the Esks to keep pace

The first eastern team to win 4, they've played 2 games since their second bye week and now they get another one. Then they play 5 of their final 6 at home, travelling only to MTL on the first weekend of November. They have to be the favourite to finish first.

And, most importantly, their offense is finally healthy. It's downright scary how much speed they have on the field at any given time.