Evil Incarnate at Larks, Sun. Sept. 8, 1 pm et

Argonauts at Alouettes
Sun. Sept. 8
1 pm et /10 am pt

Big remath weekend continues...can Collaros get the Boat afloat?

Oski Wee Wee,


Remath? lol

I meant "rematch" of course. The Cats have done their collective part to add some added oomph to the East race. We shall see how the powers of recent years handle this development.

Oski Wee Wee,


If EVER we wanted a TIE.. it is now... GOOOOOOOO TIE!!!!!!!

I would prefer that both teams look horrid like they did in the first game. That means the Cats are better than either. First place here we come. :smiley:

I wasn't too excited about the Moncton game but now I'm excited. Shaping up to be a very meaningful and competitive game.

Interesting thing, TSN2 is playing Bengals at Chicago. Trestman sightings galore... lol

GOOOOO TIE!!!!!!!!!

INT Bears...

TD Als on the fumble!!

Another Blackism..

"Face art"

Ugh..... :roll:


Can London catch anything, other than a cold??

Anyone think that Toronto can overcome this Als defense? It's much like it was last week and so far - I know it's early - Toronto's O looks pretty ineffective! :oops:

Both Os are ineffective today…

. . or both defences are pretty good.

I tend to think the latter.

When your QB cannot complete an 8 yard pass without bouncing it, it's not the D

When your receiver cannot hold onto a pass in the numbers.... it's not the D

Well I"'ll grant you those two incidents; but overall, it's a good Chris Jones defence and a good Noel Thorpe defence shutting down the offences.

There is no way Marsh could have seen his receiver there, he had 2 Blew guys RIGHT in front of him

lol.. Collaros hands it right back

I'd say so far that the Thorpe D has the edge although Marcus Ball did just pick off March. Tisdale returned the favour in the end zone on what could have been a TO TD. :expressionless: