Evil Incarnate at Larks Game Thread, July 27, 7:30pm, TSN

The game is on now on TSN and RDS.

The Als' D gets shredded again...7-0 Evil.

Oski Wee Wee,

Correction: it is 7-3 Toronto after the Ray-to-Owens bomb.

10-7 Als after one quarter. Both offenses are moving the ball virtually at will.

14-10 Arghs now. And the Als are looking to answer back right away? Glad I went with the 61-70 range in RONA. Gonna be a shootout here.

20-13 Evil at the half.

I suspect that we know who the Offensive POW will be this week. Owens already has 7 catches for 97 yards and 2 TDs at the half. If the continue to go to him, and if the Als don't find a way to cover him better, it's going to be hard for any other player to match him.

I'm down here in VA Beach avoiding thunderstorms. What's happening?

Great to see the PM at the game!!!
Tor 20 Mtl 13

Five minutes into the 3rd quarter, still 20-13. A razzle-dazzle on the opening kickoff, with Owens lateralling to Williams, gave them a few extra yards. One first down so far, and a missed FG by the Als.

LivePlay seems to be keeping fairly up-to-date tonight, so you might want to follow along there.

Good idea.... still, it's another one of those miserable games that I want both teams to lose!

This kind of game, I just hope for my RONA and VGCC picks - in this case, I went with the Argh-os. (Please don't take away my Ticats fan card.)

20-16 on a 49 yard Whyte FG. And the earlier missed FG was by the Arghs, a 48 yarder.

Calvillo is hitting a lot of mid-range passes straight up the middle. Starting to get into rhythm, but still getting rushed occasionally.

20-16 Putrid Excrescences after three quarters.

20-17 on a rouge from a Whyte punt.
Now 23-17 on a 50 yard Waters FG.

These singles and FGs aren't doing it for me. I want more TDs here. I need 21 to 30 more points, thank you.

And Als seem to be marching again. Or not. Green makes a great play with lots of YAK, then drops one off the numbers.

23-20 after Whyte FG.

Just under 2:00 to go, Arghs ball and they throw a paas in Inman for a 1st down.
Bekasiak down, had to be helped off.

Als stopped the Arghs, now have the ball around midfield with 36 seconds to go.

OK, now they're at midfield. 30 seconds to go.

Sack for 8 yards. Possible fumble by AC. Arghs call timeout to allow reviewers time to look at it? Nope.

Whyte about to try 54 yarder to tie on last play of the game. Short by maybe a yard - Owens caught it just inside the endzone. Game over.

23-20 Arghs final.

Sean Whyte misses a 55-yard FG attempt on the last play of the game. Owens concedes the single. 23-21, Evil prevails.