Evil Incarnate at Larks Game Thread, Fri Aug 1 7 pm et

I hope they both pull a groin. Lol

:lol: :lol: Slightly. Stala had a couple of nice catches though.

Nice throw Ricky lol

Would suggest learning how to slide Brink

So much fail!

3rd and 1 gamble for the Als is stopped - turnover on downs and down to the 3 minute warning.

Yup somersaulting doesn't cut it when you hit the ground a yard short :roll:

More turnovers than a Betty Crocker bakeoff here. The passing attacks for both teams are pathetic!

Its good for a laugh though :wink:

This is a snoozefest

Swayze misses a 48 yarder

Waters hits the left upright, Yawn.

Remotes on other side of room. Need to use the force to change channel.

Or the Schwartz

Ricky Ray and Mann(?) finally get on the same page and with a toss to Slaton they have a FD

I'll have to check tomorrow but I'm sure there has been atleast 5 different possessions since the 3 min mark. Smh

Ohh someone wants to get a fine

Well Ricky finally finds the end zone with the help of a RTP penalty. 10-5

Can't say that Brink has looked much better so far than Smith did.

Evil gets a TD -- Ray to Slaton. Rod Black goes "THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT!" all over it. Burp.

10-5 Toronto, :43 to halftime.

Who's harder to listen to Rod Black or The TSN panel.

:43 to half time. Cant wait. :roll:

Rod Black. There is no TSN CFL Panel Drinking Game. :wink: