Evil Incarnate at Larks Game Thread, Fri Aug 1 7 pm et

Fri August 1
Toronto at Montreal
7pm et/4pm pt

This is a battle of two teams that simply are not playing consistently good football. Evil has many injuries, particularly in the receiving corps and Ricky Ray is getting run over. As for the Als, problems at QB. The calls for Tanner Marsh to replace Troy Smith at QB will only get louder unless some semblance of passing success occurs pretty quickly tonight for Smith.

I will be here to share in the carnage. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Game on!

1-0 Als after Sean Whyte executes the rouge. :slight_smile:

Whyte hammers a long FG to make it 4-0 Als, first quarter.

Who 'da thunk it - Whyte just hit a 49 yarder!! And he wasn't that great last season most of the time. :o

Waters misses a FG and Taylor runs it out of the end zone. It is still 4-0 Montreal.

Waters with a 30-yard FG for Evil. 4-3 Als now.

Did you know that the great Ricky Ray has a record of 14 wins and 15 losses since joining the Arrghblows!

The Als are now on the Brink. LOL

Just turned game on. Is Stala playing? How bout Ocho?

Well I did see that Smith was going to be on a short leash but I didn't think it would be that short :smiley:
I doubt that the can be any worse. The way the score is inching up here is more like a baseball game than football :roll:
Whyte with another single

was not aware but I know there was one really bad lose in a East final! :rockin:

This game is horrible. Just saying.


Yes to both. Sticky had a nice reception from Brink :slight_smile:
Smith overthrew Ocho in the end zone earlier :roll:

I miss Sticky :frowning:

Must be the qbs dragging down play this year. Or is defence across board better?

A tale of two incompetents :roll: And some thought the Ticats looked bad.

NO one will be wanting to see this as the game of the week. Hope I'm still awake when the Stamps/BC game begins :smiley:

It's punting time.

From the score it sounds like Carey Price is having a better game than Reimer.